5 Reasons You Need Friends That Support Your Career


Friendships could be beautiful or ugly, depending on how the parties involved treat and respond to each other. It is a good thing, therefore, when friends can help each other, support and nurture the friendship and goals of one another in order to achieve success. We believe that when a friendship is sweet, the people involved would not want to quit. However, if you still need more reasons why you should keep those friends who support your career close by, then we have some good points for you below.

No unnecessary flattery or bootlicking:

When you have a friend that supports your growth and development in life, you have found someone who would not flatter you unnecessarily or swallow everything without ever saying the truth. In a world currently filled with bootlickers seeking favors, it is important for you to have friends who can look you in the eye and tell you when you step out of line, or start doing rubbish. While it might not be pleasant at that instant, your career will ultimately benefit a lot from it.

Emotional comfort:

Keeping a friend who wants to see you succeed close by will help you when you need some emotional comfort. Many of us have that special friend we can call even at 1 a.m. to pour our hearts to and find some form of comfort. When your friends are always there to comfort you, it is a good idea to keep them close.


Your friends can provide the motivation you need to succeed in your career. Friends can drive you when you don’t feel like it, help you put together some resources and make your goals happen. Never leave friends who support you but instead, reciprocate their support. You can check out some friendship quotes about life that you can use to also appreciate them for their support.

Open new doors:

Many people have benefitted from friends who helped to bring ideas and opportunities to us even without our knowledge. Friends who stuck out their necks to vouch for us and get contracts, projects or influence decisions out way. A little word or two can tip the balance in your favor and if you have friends who do these for you, you have a gold mine. You don’t push gold away, do you?

Hold you to account:

When you have friends who can hold you to account, you have found a solid board to work towards success. You have to hold them tight because on some days, you would be tempted to perform below par or be lax with your duties but knowing there’s someone to give account to can help you sit tight. Don’t push such friends away, although you might be tempted because frankly speaking, it isn’t always palatable.

Supportive Friends Can Boost Your Career

Make the most of your friendship with that awesome person and they to hold them close. A lot you would gain from them might never come to you if you let them go.