5 Skills All Marketing Freelancers Should Have

marketing freelancers

Today’s, the role of demand generation marketing has greatly developed, offering marketing freelancers a golden opportunity. That’s why marketing freelancing is currently on a high trajectory as businesses seek to enlist the help of experts in selling out their stuff.

However, such a freelancer would certainly require special skills to remain in demand. For successful marketing freelancers, this article unveils 5 skills you need as a marketing freelancer.

Search Engine Optimization

A marketing freelancer has to understand the role of SEO in successful marketing. I mean, what’s the point of having stuff online if it can’t appear among the first ages of Google!

Today every business owner regards Search engine optimization (SEO) as a cornerstone strategy to succeed online. No wonder they seek SEO experts who can get their services out there speedily. They also look out for advice on the best SEO practices.

A marketing freelancer needs to have the following SEO skills:

  • Keyword research
  • LSI keywords
  • On-page optimization
  • Understand the concept of voice search
  • Emphasize on title tags and Meta descriptions
  • Make use of internal and outbound links and others

Stellar Content

Do you know that apart from having a great service/ product, failure to crafting a compelling content will fail your business terribly?

Well, your unique products require to be accompanied with unique content to accompany for increased sales.

This means that even if your business has a team of different writers, you need one writer who can write exceptionally well. You need a marketing writer who can not only write email copies but can capture the reader’s attention with words.

Effective email content and a winning powerpoint presentation or a compelling product illustration are among the content used for marketing.

As they said, content is key. That’s why there is an increased number of blogs and websites on the internet. If you can offer a top-notch content, then you are a highly prized resource in this era.


One of the most efficient ways for companies to have successful marketing campaigns is to engage a creative freelancer.

Creativity draws people to your product or service.  Creativity makes brands stand out from the pack. A marketing freelancer needs to generate ideas that uniquely communicate a message that facilitates the brand’s recognition or sell the product/service. An expert marketing freelancer can design fun contests, quirky videos, interactive content, etc.

If for instance, you create Ads, focus on creative and exciting adverts. These will automatically capture the attention of the online audience.

Also, think creatively on how to develop a campaign that will leave an everlasting impression on the target audience. When a company finds such creative freelancers, they pay them in return while reaping the benefits. This calls for pure creativity!


Technology is changing the way things are done and marketing is not an exception.

Today, there are technological tools that facilitate the creation of successful campaigns. That’s why businesses look for flexible freelancers who are on par with the evolving world of marketing. They can make use of technology and digital marketing tools that help in demand generation.

A flexible marketing freelancer is ready for whatever the industry brings and can adjust to diverse changing paradigms with ease.

A flexible freelancer can also adapt to the growing needs of the business. They will be able to make use of various types of software or social media platforms just as the business dictates.

Copywriting and content marketing

Content generation is different from copywriting.

Copywriting entails writing content that gets people to buy.

Indeed, if you are able to spike people’s emotions—get them excited, curious, and wanting more, then you are a copywriter. It makes people feel that they like the product/service.  Moreover, they feel that the product solves will solve their problems.

The best way for business to crazily make sales is by engaging an excellent copywriting freelancer. Freelance copywriters need to have the following in mind:

  • You have to research the needs of the target audience and how to address them adequately
  • Make use of strong headlines
  • Use your personality to appeal to the audience
  • Keep the content simple yet engaging and compelling
  • Tell a story that resonates well with the service you are offering- the story should clearly demonstrate how the product/service solved a real-life problem.
  • Give the customer what they want. You can only do this by first understanding the needs of the potential client, then telling them how the product solves their needs

On the other, successful copywriter understands the art of content marketing. The continued rise of online content marketing has given rise to blogs, websites, and other digital media aimed at reaching out to the online audience.

A Content Marketing freelancer has to keep the following in mind:

  • Keep content personal, entertaining and relatable
  • Don’t underestimate social media’s influence
  • Devise ways to reach to your audience—you should know where your audience spends their time
  • Use other strategies to optimize your content such as SEO
  • Know the art of selling without necessary pushing or spamming the audience
  • Stay consistent with quality stuff and valuable information
  • Offer free stuff. People like freebies, and once they come to collect, then offer them what you are selling


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