5 Tips to choosing a great yoga studio

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If you’re into yoga, you have probably gone yoga studio hunting at some point. For those of you who have already found a yoga studio that meets your needs, then good for you. For those who are still on the search for a great yoga studio, there can be many problems with modern yoga that you might be exposed to. But fret not because these tips will help you find what you are looking for.

Base it on your yoga style.

Your choice for a yoga studio will be affected by the yoga style that you are practicing. If you’re a beginner, it would be best to choose a studio where beginner’s classes are offered. This way, you can practice with people who are on the same pace as you are and you won’t be pressured in any way. For the more advanced yoga practitioners, choose a yoga studio that offers classes that allow you to grow and to be continuously challenged.


Accessibility is key. You may have found a great yoga studio but if it is not accessible from where you work or live or if it’s difficult to get to, then it might not be the best choice. As always, consider your willingness to travel to practice your yoga. For daily commuters, consider routes and schedules. For those who own a car, consider parking.

Teacher factor.

Finding the right teacher is just as important as finding a great yoga studio. Your teacher will be a factor in how you progress in your yoga practice. Look for a teacher that you can easily connect with, someone who will be patient with you, and someone who can take you to greater heights. One way of finding out if you’ll like a teacher or not is by attending as many yoga events as you can or by trying out several classes. This way, you’ll have first-hand experience with the teacher’s methods and style and can decide for yourself if he or she is the person you are looking for.

Within your budget.

Every yoga studio is priced differently. Before you embark on your yoga studio hunt, determine how much you are willing to spend on yoga. There may be yoga studios that are outside your budget but ask around how you can avail of free classes in exchange for certain tasks.

Conduct a personal visit.

Checking out the yoga studio in person is one of the ways you can have an idea regarding the look and feel of the place. Although you may not be allowed to sit in during a class, you can talk to any available teacher, staff, and if you’re lucky enough, the owner. Observe your surroundings as well as yourself. This includes the look, smell, sound, size of the class, and the overall feeling of the studio. This is also the time that you can ask about the classes they offer as well as the teachers, schedules, and rates.

Whenever you are going to make a decision about something, it sometimes pays to take your time. Deciding about a great yoga studio is one of these and it surely won’t hurt for you to be open minded. Don’t be afraid to explore, to try out something new, and to ask around. Follow these tips and in no time, you’ll be able to find a great yoga studio that fits your needs.