5 Tips to being a retro chic

retro chic

People are unique and express their personal style through what they wear, how they style their hair, and the makeup that they wear. The ability to express yourself through clothing, accessories, and beauty products is unique and something that should be celebrated instead of looked at as weird or different. Perhaps you are a fan of a specific era, or maybe you love the class and style of the clothing worn by ladies in Mad Men. Whatever your interest is, there are ways to dress and make yourself up to look however you want. This article will focus on tips on how you can dress like a retro chic.

Wear a shirt dress

Did you know that many retro styles have been recycled and are still popular today? Take for example, the shirt dress. Wearing a shirt dress with a pair of tights and boots is quite popular today and it was also in the past as well. Most often, women would wear a shirt dress and a pair of flats to school, work, or out to run errands. It was not uncommon to see a woman wearing a short dress as it was what we would consider a “casual look.”

Rock an A-line skirt

Any retro girl needs to have an A-line skirt. You may not have a cardigan and matching saddle shoes to go along with it, but you don’t have to. A retro girl wears an A-line skirt with poise and style. She may pair the skirt with a nice sweater and a beaded necklace. Or maybe she will wear her skirt with a casual top and a scarf tied around her neck. There are many ways to wear an A-line skirt so do what you feel most comfortable with.

Sweetheart necklines are all the rage

Just as they were a few decades ago, sweetheart necklines are quite popular and look great. A sweetheart neckline is perfect for someone who has the desire to show a bit of skin but doesn’t want to allow for too much cleavage. A sweetheart neckline looks great on a dress with a mid-length skirt and a nice pair of heels or flats. To obtain an extra retro look, find a dress that has a polka dot pattern.

Polka dots and bows

One of the most popular patterns of the past few decades is polka dots. Women of the 1950s loved to wear polka dots and bows, whether it was on a bathing suit, a sweater, or a dress. When you are going for a retro chic look, you can’t go wrong with polka dots and bows.

Bullet bras

You may not think that undergarments matter when you are trying to obtain a retro chic look, but they do. Have you ever wondered how women would wear a sweater and have a “pointy” upper body, such as in the movie Grease? It’s because women wore bullet bras that accentuated parts of their bodies and provided a pointed look.