5 Tips To Buying A Bridal Shower Gift

bridal shower gifts

Attending your friend’s bridal shower can be exciting, especially with all the anticipation to meet your other girlfriends and have a good time before the bride is to be officially married. When you are bound to have a good time at the bridal shower, the last thing you want is to stress over what you should get the beautiful bride to be as a gift. While there are plenty of gift ideas you could consider, you might still find it difficult to choose the best one for your friend. Even worse, you don’t have to be clueless about what to get. As such, below are a few tips on bridal shower gifts you can consider.

Don’t ignore their registry

Instead of spending days on end trying to figure out the best shower gift, use the registry. It is not only going to make work easy for you, but you will also get the couple something they want. A lot of people tend to overlook it because it is more of an easy way out, and maybe they want to give something unique, but that shouldn’t limit you to buying something else that is not in the registry.

Make the gift personal

Perhaps you are attending a close friend’s bridal shower, or it could be a close relative that you frequently interact with. For someone you know really well, then it would be easy to get a gift for their shower. The best way to come up with their gift is to find something she would really love. You already know things that make her happy, so your gift should be something similar.

For instance, let’s say she likes coffee and can take 2-3 cups a day. An espresso machine would be the perfect gift for them. Or maybe she likes going for backpacking trips every other month, a set of backpacking gear would be a great choice. You could also give gifts according to their hobby. This would go a long way especially because you are, in one way or another, supporting what they like doing. Just think of the things she likes doing, then get something in that direction.

Go for functional gifts

Another great tip you can consider when buying a shower gift is functionality. You can never go wrong with functional gifts because anything that is going to make her life easy is a good gift. In fact, they may not have realized they needed such items until you gift them. This could also be the tiny things that people usually forget about. You may consider office items, kitchen stuff, or anything else that makes things easy. Alternatively, if it is a girls-only bridal shower, then take advantage of it and gift girly stuff like some nice lingerie. Boudoir photographer Betsy McCue suggests that you could even gift the bride-to-be with a fun boudoir session, where she could take photos in the lingerie she was given. Whether they are practical people or not, they will definitely appreciate anything thoughtful you give them.

Organize a group gift

Are you operating on a tight budget? Then organizing a group gift would help save you the financial strain of gifting alone. You could do so with a few friends attending the bridal shower, or if it is a relative, then you could even involve a few members of your family. Also, you might have wanted to go big on the gift, then a good way to do it is to organize a group gift. The advantage of having a group gift is that you can get what you intended to get without draining your pockets.

Decide how much you will spend

Anything that involves spending money needs to be planned for. Deciding how much you are willing to spend on a bridal shower might not seem like a big deal, but it will help you a lot. This could also help if you are working with a small budget, set aside how much you need to spend before setting out to buy your gift. Even with a bigger budget, you might end up buying a gift out of impulse, and maybe it was not a well-thought decision. So first decide how much you want to spend then shop for items within that budget range.

Bottom line

Getting the perfect bridal shower doesn’t have to be that hard. You could be giving them something depending on what their hobbies are, the type of bridal shower, etc. If you are completely clueless of a gift, then take your time and research, or even make it a breeze for yourself by gifting something in the registry.