5 Tips to relocating your business without losing customers

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A business entrepreneur may choose to relocate due to a number of reasons. The main reasons why one would want to relocate a business is so as to reach new markets, to upgrade facilities, or lower the cost of business operation. In some cases, a business may also relocate due to labor issues. Whatever the reason for relocation, it is important that a business does not lose any customers whenever they relocate. Through the united states postal service change address procedures, one can still reach out to their customers. Loyal customers will continue doing business with you provided they know your address. Basic tips on business relocation can help you avoid losing customers.

Here are 5 tips to relocating your business without losing customers:

Identify the right location

The location of your business will determine the success of your business. It should be located in a strategic place. It is also important that your existing clients know the new location. Most loyal clients will keep doing business with you even if you relocate to another place. The new location of your business should allow room for expansion and also help to build the reputation of the business as well as public image.

Inform all key business stakeholders

The most important person in any business is the customer. The suppliers and other business agencies also play a vital role in business success. As such, when relocating your business, it is important that you inform the customers and all these other stakeholders. Doing so will help you retain customers since they will know your new location and can still place orders.

Update information regarding the relocation online

You should inform your clients of your new location so that they know where they can get your products. Since it is not possible to communicate to all customers, one should also consider posting business relocation details online. The exact address and location should be updated so that customers trying to locate your business through search engines can easily reach you. Networking will also play an important role in ensuring that your existing customers know where to find you

Business opening event ceremony

When you relocate to a new business premises, it is good to have a grand opening ceremony. This will capture new client’s attention and also help inform existing clients of your relocation. In fact, relocating your business offers you an opportunity to market your business even more. Through social media, print and audio media, you may let people know of the planned grand opening event.  This is a simple customer retention strategy. It also helps to expand your market niche

Offer excellent customer service

The best way to retain customers and in fact attract even more customers is through excellent customer service. Before you move, during relocation and after moving, ensure that the customer service team offers top notch services. this is one way through which you will avoid losing customers to competitors.

When relocating your business, precaution must be taken to avoid losing some of your customers. This will help you grow your business because a high customer retention rate will accelerate business growth.