5 Ways To Create The Perfect Brand Experience At Your Next Event

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When we think of events, we often overlook one of the crucial elements of a successful event. Branding! It is very easy to get caught up in the logistics of organising an event; the catering, the drinks, the invitations. However, you shouldn’t forget the reason why you want people at your next event. You want to engage with them and help drive growth for your business.

The best way to achieve this is by making sure the event experience is closely aligned with your brand. Here are five ways to create the perfect brand experience for your next event.

Theme and style

 Most event spaces these days will offer you a range of theming or style options. These may seem attractive because they take the pressure off you to style your event space, but creating the perfect brand experience is about more than just putting up streamers or a nice table cloth.

Take the extra time required to ensure your theme works with your brand.

Use core colour palettes for decorations.  When you make a banner, ensure your company’s logo is visible. Offer opportunities to drive brand awareness in each photo taken at your event. Styling is something many people overlook, but ensuring your theme and style fit your brand will help reinforce the overall brand experience at your event.

A picture is worth a thousand words

 One of the best ways to ensure your brand experience is aligned with your next event is a photobooth. Not only a great idea to create a bit of fun and interest at your event, it’s also a fantastic branding opportunity. The majority of companies that offer photobooth hire in Sydney will allow you the option of including your brand or company logo on the contact sheets your guests will take away.

This simple customisation will create a long lasting positive experience in your attendees minds. Every time they look at that little sheet of 4 photos they will remember your event and, more importantly, your brand.

Banners are key

 Banners are a simple way to not only ensure your event stands out for attendees to identify but they are also very simple and cost effective solutions. Make a banner not just as a marketing tool but a useful source of information about your brand. Include key positioning statements, encourage attendees to use social media tags to drive your event and brand awareness even further.

Merchandise is always fun

 Some of your guests might attend multiple events a month, perhaps even a week. To help drive a successful event and create the perfect brand experience, try using branded merchandise. Everyone loves to take away a little keepsake from the events they attend. Whether it is a USB, bag, hat or something else useful and novel.

With that said, instead of just purchasing merchandise to help add to the event experience, drive your brand experience by branding your merchandise. Create a unique USB that represents your brand or logo. Use slogans or brand positioning statements on pens, hats, bags etc. Merchandise is a great way to help drive the overall event and brand experience further with your attendees. It is also sure to get them talking when they leave the event.

Catering for your audience

 When it comes to a successful event one of the key elements is always the food. Whether your guests admit it or not, they will be judging you based on the catering options. Instead of just providing a great selection of food, use the catering as a chance to drive your brand experience further.

Find out whether your caterer or caterers in the area can provide branded options. For example, branded cupcakes, a branded cake or even savoury options served in the shape of your logo. Creating a positive brand experience at your event doesn’t mean you have to add more items to the list. Instead, use the the items you were always going to offer, your food.


Events are a fantastic way to add value to your audience. But they are also a great way to drive brand awareness and growth. To achieve this your event needs to reflect your brand and create an experience that your guests won’t forget. Use these 5 tips to help drive the perfect brand experience at your next event.