5 Ways to Make Your Own Money Homeworking


Many of us have become more accustomed to homeworking over the last six months through necessity. This shift has led many of us to question the old ways of working, the nine till five, the office culture, what we wear to the office, and even where we work. It may seem that in the current financial situation it’s best to be conservative and become risk-averse, however, if you are working at home it’s the perfect opportunity to explore how you might make your own money from home. Here are five home working ideas to make money for yourself.

Your Opinions

You can sell your opinions. The classic thought about selling our opinions leads many of us to think of completing online surveys. These are a way to make cash, but the amount you receive for the time you have to put in might potentially put you off. Blogging is the opinion sharing method that has the most potential for earning. There are many options to make money open to a successful blogger. You can sell space on your blog, meaning any company, organization or individual can promote their product, service, or campaign. It is important to carefully vet any articles that make it onto your blog as they may not fit with your ethical stance or could harm the reputation and integrity of the site. Alternativity, good old-fashioned adverts are still a viable earner. GoogleAds allows you to display targeted ads for your readers, and you get a small credit for every click.

Your Personality

You will no doubt have heard the endless debate around ‘Influencers’. One who uses their online presence to influence others through their messages and actions. Influencers’ reach can be through various platforms, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter among others. The competition is tough though, the top earners can be raking in millions, but the number who try to get there and the number that do are poles apart.

Trading & Investing

If there’s one industry that the internet has helped, it’s the financial services sector. It has never been easier to trade and invest. With a massive array of online brokers in existence, the casual investor is spoiled for choice for where to invest. Stocks and shares, government bonds and gilts, property, everything are open to them. You can even exchange currencies virtually and even invest in new digital-only cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it is easy to get hold of and find the best place to buy bitcoin. Just remember, when you invest in any of these, there is risk that you can lose your entire investment.*

Teaching Something

Everyone is good at something, so why not pass on your skills and experience, and make a small profit while doing so? Online tuition is available for pretty much anything and if recent months have taught us anything, it’s that almost anything we did, in person, in the past can be done digitally. You could give guitar lessons, or perhaps offer school tuition? Many have found an income through counseling or life coaching. It’s as easy as having a smartphone or laptop and an internet connection.

*This article has been contributed on behalf of Paxful. However, the information provided herein is not and is not intended to be, investment, financial, or other advice.

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