5 Ways to Revive Your Career After Covid-19

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They said it was impossible, but you’ve proven them wrong. You’ve watched virtually everything Netflix has to offer and then some.  What now?  With some states launching soft re-openings, it’s time to start thinking about how to revive your career. Everyone will go back to work when they feel safe and comfortable to do so, but regardless of the “when,” we should all start focusing on the “how.”

If you’ve been laid off, try not to let the uncertainty get to you too much. There are things that are in your control, and in this post, we’re going to cover 5 of them.

Consider a job change

If your dream job was in an industry that’s hurting right now, you may want to keep your options open. Think about what you can do in an industry that’s more recession-proof. And it may be easier than you think.

For example, if you’re a bookkeeper for a major restauranteur, you may want to consider doing the same job for a different industry. There will be some new things to learn, but you can get a jump on them while we’re in isolation. And during this time, you may want to offer some free or low-cost services to businesses as you learn and gain experience. This is something you can do in the short-term that can have major long-term gains.

Start your own side hustle

While you’re filling out resumes and perusing the job boards (like everyone else), consider starting your own side hustle. Depending on what you did for work before, you may be able to take your skills to a freelance marketplace to get some extra cash. And if you can build enough clients, you may be able to start your own business.

Not that small businesses are recession-proof (the truth is quite the opposite), but in an uncertain time, running your own show can give you more control over when and whether you’re working.

Get a new certification

Whether you’ve been furloughed or just laid-off you can use this downtime to upgrade your work skills. If there’s a certification course you can take to help advance your career, now is the ideal time.

If you can’t find anything like that, use this time to brush up on what’s happening within your industry. Read books from the most influential people in your space. Not only will you become more knowledgeable, but you’ll have all-new ways to impress interviewers when you return to the job market.

Make connections

You can’t exactly go to a networking event during this time of social isolation, but you can connect with other people in your industry. If you can find any virtual groups, join them. Reach out to people you’ve worked with in the past and find out how they’re faring during this pandemic.

Another angle is to follow influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter and try to connect with them there. Retweet or repost their content and reply with insightful and thoughtful comments. It’s not easy but it is possible to build relationships this way. And any relationship with an influencer can be quite beneficial.

Become an influencer

Regardless of what industry you’re in, there are some people who will never have trouble making money. When you’ve made a name for yourself in the industry, you’ll find it much easier to find a job — even in a recession.

Imagine walking into an interview and the interviewer already knowing exactly who you are. Imagine jobs coming to you instead of having to hunt for jobs. You can do this by getting your thoughts, ideas and opinions out there on social media. Be sure to be true to yourself and continue learning.

You’ll want to be on the leading edge of thought in your industry. Being a copycat isn’t going to get you anywhere. This method requires work and consistency, but it can be very worthwhile.

And it has its perks too. Social media influencers can make money on ads, sponsorships and affiliate programs. Just keep your expectations reasonable. Even in the auto tech industry, you’re probably not going to score perks like a new car or a technologically advanced Genesis G90, but you may be able to get a job that allows you to afford one.

Everyone is worried about what will happen to their job prospects after the pandemic is lifted. And too many people are turning to drugs and alcohol instead of productivity. This is where newly sober people will have the advantage because they’re forced to make decisions that don’t involve drugs or alcohol.