5 Ways to Wear the Basic White Tee this Spring!

It’s Spring and if you’re like me, you are looking through your closet saying, “I have nothing to wear”. Well, if you have a crisp basic white tee, clutch your pearls and prepare to be inspired! In my previous post, “Love It or Hate It – Three Spring Trends That Aren’t for Everyone“, I mentioned three Spring trends that we can expect to see (and hopefully love) this Spring.

The Basic White Tee is the LBD for the casual girl. It is a go-to classic garment that can be worn for every occasion, literally. Just add water and you have an instant look. The reason why it is so perfect is because it is a blank canvas and must be played up in order to create a look.

In case you were wondering how to pull off the looks from my last post, here are 5 simple ways to wear Spring trends, starting with a basic white tee.

1. Go Mod. This is a huge trend that I must admit is not for everyone and has to be done right to achieve a MAJ everyday look. Checkered print is an instant mod print, but is hard to pull off for every body type. I decided a loose checkered coat would work for everyone. The yellow pants work with this look and adds a bold contrast, which what mod is all about. The white tee helps balances out the look, while leaving it still crisp. White shoes are also a Spring trend this year and allows you to pull off a fabulous color-blocking purse.

2. Florals Galore. Florals are so feminine and chic, however, no one wants to look like a walking flower bed, so using the floral print only once in a look is perfect. Choosing a floral pant is all the rave this season. Adding a leather jacket adds edge to the feminine print. Pink accessories and/or shoes keeps the look adds a sassy finish.

3. Rad Ruffles. Ruffles are also very feminine and fun. The first person that came to mind when I think of ruffles is Ms. Carrie Bradshaw. I thought, “What Would Carrie Wear (WWCD)?” In an instant “PASTELS”. In the intro to Sex and the City, Carrie is wearing a basic white tee and tulle skirt. Adding a pink jacket makes the look more feminine and girlie. To break up the space between the khaki skirt and the white tee, a belt balances the waist (and hide any problem areas). Adding a mint green bag adds a contrast to the look for a little pop. I always believe that vintage shoes helps to polish off a feminine look.

4. Party Python. I’m very shocked that Python is a Spring trend, but I love it. I believe Python print and yellow are match made in fashion heaven (I know a little dramatic). It’s such an awesome contrast because the yellow brings out the print and makes it look even more bold. A rock star would totally add faux fur to amp it up! The purse is awesome because it incorporates the yellow from the shoes and the Python print skirt.

5. 90’s Grunge. Although I loved the 90’s, I am not sure I agree with bringing back saddle sandals, the new flatforms, or bleached denim, but I agree that Herman Munster boots (AKA Doc Martens) are so rad. The 90’s was about baggy pants and military prints, so a nice military jacket and boyfriend jeans are the perfect mix of grunge. The leather sleeves from the military jacket and the white tee makes the look very clean. Cranberry Doc Martens add a Courtney Love feel to the look and are perfect for rainy Spring days.

How do you rock your Basic White Tee? What Spring trends would you pair with a classic piece? What is your favorite Spring trend?