6 Great Part Time Jobs with Health Insurance

Part time jobs

As the economy struggles to bounce back from the past decade of spending, many part-time workers are finding that companies aren’t too keen on offering benefits packages for part-time workers. The threshold of 40 hours a week that is generally required cannot, by definition, be met by part-time workers at the same company.

This is where places such as Nike, UPS, Whole Foods and others are leading the charge to get part-timers the health coverage they need. In fact, UPS employees in particular benefit from benefits packages arranged by their workers’ union. Below, we’ll take a look at 6 companies that appreciate the fact that part-time employees can also benefit from health insurance.

Starbucks Employees

As you might expect, most Starbucks employees are part-time, and typically commands around $9 per hour. This works out to $35,000 for hourly employees on average; the health plan coverage is additionally one of the best ones out there. If you work at least 20 hours a week there, you receive a package that includes full coverage of preventive care. There’s also a dental and basic vision plan, as well as more robust ones that include chiropractic and insurance for short-term disability and dismemberment/death.


Second only to Walmart in terms of the sheer number of employees among retailers, Costco, the starting wage of $11.50 is pretty impressive, and the average of $21 is even more so. To get an idea of the coverage they offer, consider that almost 90% of Costco employees are participating in a retirement or health plan of some sort.

The Costco Choice Plus Health Plan lets members choose the provider they prefer, and only requires 24 hours of work every week (slightly more than strict part-time) in order to be eligible for it. It includes a host of benefits like dental care and vision.


In recent times, Staples has cut back on its work force a bit as their industry has become inundated with competitors; however, they still offer a robust healthcare package for part-time employees. It isn’t quite as good as the ones offered by other companies on this list, but it does cover preventive care and routine visits to a healthcare professional.


This most recognizable shoe brand is perhaps less well-known for the fact that any employee who logs more than 30 hours per week is eligible for placement in the full 40 hours per week benefits package bracket. This includes considerably more than “merely” healthcare; you’ll have access to basic vision and dental, as well a group insurance plan that costs less than the individual one.

There’s also a stock-buying option included in the Nike part-time benefits package, for which you’re eligible if you work at least 20 hours per week.

U-Haul Moving Company

Although, as you well know, you move yourself using U-Haul, the company has tens-of-thousands of employees. They work as customer service, in sales and in the warehousing department. The part-time employees have a number of attractive health plans that include copays for medication, dental plans and medical coverage that includes visits to the doctor’s office. Unfortunately (arguably) what Costco offers doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of the Affordable Health Care Plan, which means you may need supplemental coverage to bring up the rear.


One of the easier plans to navigate and understand are the ones offered by logistics giant, UPS. After you’ve been an employee for a full year, then you’re eligible for a healthcare plan from either Aetna or BlueCross BlueShield PPO if you continue to work at least an hour per week at UPS. It includes a variety of services such as basic vision, coinsurance for expensive procedures and insurance for a number of issues.