6 Main Reasons Marriages End in Divorce

preparing for divorce

Over 40% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce, which is not a very optimistic sign for people who are planning to get married. There are lots of different reasons that people end up getting a divorce and the grounds for divorce only provide a small amount of insight into the reason people actually proceed with divorce.

These are the main reasons people divorce in the UK:


One of the main reasons that couples divorce is because one of them has committed adultery . Some couples try to work through their problems when one partner cheats but often the lack of trust and the anger about the infidelity will end up breaking up the marriage.

Financial problems

When couples have financial problems, this can put a huge amount of stress on the relationship. That will often lead to arguments. Whether one person’s actions have caused financial problems, or the couple have joint financial problems, this is one of the top reasons that people end up getting divorced in the UK.

Arguing about children

When a couple has children, they can often have conflicting opinions on important decisions to do with how they bring their children up. Anything from deciding on ways to discipline children if they misbehave, to one parent feeling left out, can lead to disagreements. 

Going through a divorce can be very stressful for children. Families going through divorce should speak to a family solicitor such as brookman.co.uk to try and work towards agreeing on the best outcomes for the children.

Falling out of love

Unfortunately, a lot of people simply fall out of love after the initial passion subsides. In some cases, this could be because they rushed into getting married without thinking about whether it would work out over the long-term. They might not have spent long enough finding out details about their partner. They later come to the realisation that they are not as well matched as they originally hoped.

Emotional or physical abuse

Another of the top reasons that people start divorce proceedings in the UK is because they have been the victim of emotional or physical abuse. Emotional abuse can happen in a wide range of different ways, from controlling behaviour to belittling and name-calling. It can take years for some people to build up the courage to leave an abusive partner. And it can even take a while to actually realise that what they are experiencing is classed as abuse.

Not sharing the same expectations of marriage

Despite making vows to the contrary, a lot of people are too selfish and are unable to fully commit to the marriage. For some people, it could mean that they are unwilling to change their lifestyle to spend more time with their partner. 

Or it could be that one person wants to start a family, while the other wants to spend more time going on holidays before they start a family. Or they simply want to wait until they are older, or not have children at all.

They could have opposing views on how involved their partner’s family are in the marriage. Which can be another big cause of arguments in a marriage. It is important to try and have in-depth conversations about each other’s expectation of marriage to ensure that they match before they go ahead with the wedding. 

The bottom line is, don’t rush into marriage. You need to spend time getting to know the other person as much as possible before making a big commitment that you could end up regretting.

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