6 Simple Hacks to Having a Successful Nursing Career

career in nursing

Being a nurse is not easy, as you face all sorts of challenges. However, the rewards in the profession are great. Registered nurses have the best work opportunities in the whole world. And the learning experience does not stop when they leave university. Each shift a nurse takes is filled with new learning experiences.

Successful nurses are incredibly hard working. They are merely unstoppable as they turn every situation into an opportunity. Nurses are the heroes in hospitals providing care and comfort to those who need it.

And through such an experience, they know things that anyone else might not know. The following are some of the things nurses many nurses have learned through their career. They are the hacks that make life easier for them.

1.    Vicky Vapor can do more than protect the stuffy nose

There are a lot of nurses who use Vicks Vapor Rub to line the inside of their masks. They use it also to stop smells, which are common in hospitals. Some of these smells can be quite irritating.

But you can use the vapor to massage on sore feet. The shifts can be overwhelming and tiring. Utilizing these rub will give you some break, and that is for sure.

2.    A full moon may affect the behavior of patients

Well, no one else can know this but a nurse who is very experienced. They say that a night shift always turns crazy when the moon is full.

There have been patients who turn crazy during this time. No one knows what this is all about, but it happens. If you are very careful, you should come prepared for a long night.

Use some of the tricks you have acquired to ensure you don’t go crazy yourself.

3.    Just anything can turn into an ice pack

Are you looking for a way to cool a painful place? You can just cut an old diaper and fill it with ice. That should give you a great ice pack to handle your problem.

4.    Little fake confidence goes a long way

Being a nurse does not mean you stop being a human. Even with the highest experience, there are things you will always be afraid of.

You should always show that you know what you are doing even when you have no clue. The idea is to give more confidence to your patients.

5.    Humor can take away that stress

Stressful moments are a common thing for nurses. There are sometimes you feel like you are running out of options. Those are times when someone makes a joke, and you all forget everything for a moment. It always helps.

6.    The secret of peppermint

Nurses don’t enjoy odors at all just like anyone else. But they have to work around them.

Peppermint is one great deodorizer. You can use it to minimize or disguise unpleasant odors by soaking cotton balls in peppermint oil. You can then place the balls in strategic places around the room.

These hacks can make your shift much more manageable. You need to know how to apply them.