6 Things to Spellbind Your Partner on Wedding Day

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Promises, rings, dances, and toasts — there are boundless ways to surprise your fiancé on your wedding day.

Planning to leave him awe-struck when you get married, there are vast possibilities to try and test. What about that little token of your affection that would go above and beyond to express your feelings?

If you’re up for surprising your other half on the wedding day – there will be relentless occasions to create the magic. No wondering- a little excitement will make things even more riveting, fascinating, and memorable for both of you to remember.

Simply mesmerize your loved one with one of these spectacular nostalgic ideas. There is no question they are awesome and would definitely pump limitless affection in their heart. Here are six awesome recommendations you can try to set the stage on fire.

A Personalized Scrapbook

It is no surprise that a handmade gift has a very special significance because the recipient knows how much time and energy you have put into it. So, if you are capable and willing to get creative, think about putting forth a photo book or a scrapbook of all the important events in your relationship.

Customized Ring Box

An incredibly special ring box with wedding ring will make the moment much more remarkable. Customarily, spouses used ring pillows to transport jewelry on their big day, but this is a modern world, people embrace cool, imaginative ring bundles, and dishes that appeal to each special wedding theme. In fact these box are great way to step-up your style and make it more popular than ever before.

Handmade Framed Vows

Although saying your commitments out loud is an undeniably powerful act, it is sometimes good to have them in writing as a daily reminder of the vows which you made to each other. Try putting your vows down in ink, and then placing them in a case. You may also type the message over a picture of you as a couple. To add to the nostalgic nature of this gift, get a cover for the vows that are etched on your wedding date.

Present a Inside Joke Gift

Do you both share an inside quip, or do you understand exactly something your fiancé has always desired, but you have never had an opportunity to give it to them?

Then this is your chance!

Ask a wedding group member to bring a wrapped present as you both get ready to open this before you embark on the relationship journey.

Go Old-School – Dedicate a Radio Song

If your other half loves listening to the radio, then get their favorite DJ to give them a shout out while they are preparing for the big day. Make sure that the person is all ready know about it so that they can ensure that the radio is on. This is a brilliant idea to repeat on your wedding anniversary as well.

Get Your Wedding Ring Engraved

Get your wedding rings before the wedding and have them etched with something memorable – whether it is the date on which you have met or a favorite song lyric or a quote. Search for some great inspiring quotes about love and relationships to get you going.


Making your partner feel truly special is a lot easy than you think.

A little attention to detail, affection, and care will make ordinary into extraordinary to make your partner fall in love with you again and again. And Gifts could be one of the easiest ways to reach to her heart. So, what are you waiting for?

Pick one of these ideas and endeavor to create your own love saga.

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