6Tips for Perfect Lips at Every Stage of Life

Luscious, kissable lips are always in style, no matter your age. While genetics plays a role in your natural lip shape and volume, there are many ways to enhance your pout and keep your lips looking their best from your teens through your golden years. Follow these tips to flaunt picture-perfect lips at every stage of life.

1. Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating your lips is one of the simplest ways to prep them for makeup application and keep them smooth and soft. In your teens and 20s, exfoliate your lips two to three times per week to slough off dead skin. Use a damp washcloth and gently rub your lips in circular motions, or use a lip scrub with ingredients like sugar, salt, or coffee grains. As you age, your lips become thinner and even more prone to flakes and dryness, so continue exfoliating one to two times per week. 

2. Stay Hydrated

Just like the rest of your skin, your lips need hydration to look plump and youthful. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water daily and avoid licking your lips, which dry them out. Apply a hydrating, fragrance-free lip balm with ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, murumuru butter, or vitamin E. Humidifiers can also prevent moisture loss indoors during dry winter months. Don’t forget your lips when you apply daily face moisturizer, too.

3. Protect with SPF

Sun protection is crucial for lips, which are very susceptible to UV damage, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Apply lip balm or lipstick with SPF 30 or higher before going outside year-round. Reapply every two hours if possible. This sun safety step is important at every age to guard your lips against cancer and signs of aging.

4. Consider Light Therapy

Using light therapy devices can actually boost blood flow and collagen production for plumper, more youthful lips. In your 30s and beyond, when lips lose volume, incorporate LED light therapy skincare devices into your routine several times per week. The combination of red and blue LED lights helps hydrate lips while improving definition. 

5. Use Lip Plumpers

As we age, lips can appear thinner and lose elasticity. Using topical lip plumpers can help add temporary volume by increasing blood flow. Look for plumping glosses and balms that contain ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, peppermint oil,or hyaluronic acid. Apply them before going out at night for a quick plumping effect. Just beware of tingling or irritation. 

6. Define with Makeup

The right makeup techniques can define and enhance your lip shape. Use lip liner to neatly contour the edges of your lips before applying lipstick or gloss. Choose neutral, pinky, or rosy shades to make thin lips appear fuller. A touch of highlight or shimmer in the center of your upper and lower lip will create the illusion of plumpness. 

Achieving smooth, perfect lips is about more than just swiping on lipstick. Follow the tips in this article from your teens through your older years. Nurture your lips with the proper care and you’ll boast the perfect kissable pucker for decades to come.