7 Must-Have Accessories for Digital Nomad Girls

digital nomad

Every girl dreams of having the adventurous and exciting lifestyle of globetrotting and experiencing new places, people and things on a daily basis, all while getting paid. However, it’s not an easy decision, nor the right one for everyone, since it takes a lot of courage and sacrifice to become a digital nomad girl. But once you do, you’ll learn the beauty and the endless spectrum of possibilities when being part of the digital nomad community. Below we shared seven must-have accessories for every digital nomad girl out there who is getting ready to leave her comfort zone and start traveling full-time!

1. Mobile hotspot

Since your job is to stay available and connected with your clients, internet connectivity is the number one on your must-have list. Unfortunately, traveling will take you to areas where the internet connectivity is slow or there’s no service at all. This is why you need to be prepared and equipped with hotspots which will help you connect to data services in more than 150 countries by using telephone carriers of the particular country.

2. Noise canceling headphones

Being a digital nomad means that you’ll be enjoying traveling but will also have to work under many less than ideal circumstances, such as at busy and noisy locations. To focus on your work, you’ll need noise-canceling headphones. Additionally, you can use these to shut down the voices on the bus or airplane when you need some time off or simply wish to rest.

3. Portable speaker

If music plays an important role in your daily routine as background sound while working or a tool for daily relaxation or an improvised party in the middle of nowhere, a portable speaker is a must. There are tons of options to choose from, including various shapes and colors of this cute little accessory which is super easy to cart around the world.

4. Power adaptor

Being a digital nomad means that both your professional and private life depend on technological devices. Hence, country-specific power adapters are an essential if you plan to have your gadgets available at all times. Invest in a quality Go Travel adaptor and worry no more about not being able to plug in and power up anywhere you go.

5. Kindle

Packing dozens of books every time you move from one place to another can be a hassle and a baggage obstacle. However, there’s still enough time to squeeze in a chapter or two during work and travel adventure breaks. Turn to Kindle instead of paper books and have your “want to read” list right in front of you whenever you’re in the mood for a reading session on the airplane, in a hotel room or at a restaurant by the road.

6. External battery pack

Nowadays, no one should hit the road before getting an external battery pack. It’s small, it’s affordable, and it’s a lifesaver when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere.  Wait no more and get an external charger compatible with all your gadgets so that there will be no need to panic next time the low battery notification pops up on one of your screens.

7. First aid kit

Digital nomads live an adventurous and spontaneous life, which comes with a certain amount of risk. In order to keep things under control and be ready for some unexpected situations while traveling the world, purchase a compact and portable first aid kit and keep it with you in your car or in your suitcase at all times. This way, wherever you go, you’ll feel safe and ready to take on new challenges.

No matter how fun and exciting being a digital nomad seems, it can also be exhausting and complicated, unless you’re prepared well. However, if you’re ready to roll with the times and get your business online, become a mobile freelancer or work remotely, you will discover the incredible benefits of such a lifestyle. If you are already a digital nomad or thinking about becoming one – take note of this ultimate list of must-have accessories for a successful, safe and fun nomad lifestyle.