7 Practical Tips on How to Write a Better Essay

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Essay writing is a skill that can require a lot of practice. For some people, this skill is easily picked up, but for others, it can take a lot of effort. As an essay writing makes up a large part of our college requirements, learning how to craft the perfect essay is a skill well worth learning.  Here are 7 practical tips on writing better essays.

1. Read Other People’s Essays

Okay, we’re not telling you to cheat here, but reading other people’s essays can give you a really good insight into how to go about writing yours. You aren’t intending to copy; rather, you are getting inspiration from other more successful writers in order to develop and build your own style. It’s perfectly legit, and you can help yourself by learning different points of views on your chosen topic.

2. Build your Vocabulary

Utilizing a strong vocabulary will make your essay soar above the competition. It will help you deliver your ideas in a clear, concise manner. A wide vocabulary can help you be succinct, so you can get your point across without rambling. Your instructor will be thanking you!

3. Work on your Elevator Pitch

This might sound weird, but you should develop your elevator pitch. This is a thirty-second explanation of your essay theme that summarizes the points you want to make in a brief time. If you can master the elevator pitch, then your essay will be all the more successful.

4. Make Sure you Present Alternative Arguments

An essay is all well and good if you are able to back up your thesis statement with the appropriate evidence, but including an alternative view will show your instructor that you have considered all angles. This is essential in delivering a well-rounded, objective argument on a topic.

5. Use the Active Voice

The voice you write your essay in is key in getting your point across. If you write in an active voice rather than a passive voice, you are delivering a sense of urgency with your argument that totally convinces the reader that you are an authority on the matter.

6. Cite your References Properly

This might have already been drummed into you in your college classes, but citations are absolutely necessary in your essay. Without them, your instructor has no idea where you got your information. For all they know, you just pulled it out of thin air. Be sure to cite all of your sources – this will please your instructor and make your argument stronger.

7. Know that you Can Get Help help writing college papers

If you are feeling burnt out and know you’re not going to make your deadline, you can get help writing college papers. It happens to everybody at one stage or another. You can get expert advice on how to start your essay.

Writing essays are something we all have to do, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you don’t want it to be. By following a few simple rules, you can turn your essays from mediocre into fantastic. These tips will make a real difference in the quality of your essays so put them into practice and start seeing the difference!