7 Songs That Celebrate Mom

celebrate mom

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul.  Just as much, our ears are the conduit to our hearts.  What better way to celebrate Mom, and Mother’s Day,  than a cruise through some of my favorite songs about mothers?

celebrate mom

Let’s Celebrate Mom !


B.J. Thomas  “Mama”

B.J. Thomas reminds us of all our Moms have done for us.  All the times they showed up, went the extra mile, and cried and laughed and loved with us.  Who continues to do all those things?  Yeah, it’s “Mama.”



Celine Dion  Goodbye’s The Saddest Word

I remember my Dad telling me, when my Grandmother died, that when you lose your Mom, you never find someone to take her place.  My own mother had a severe stroke a while back, and I’m about to lose her, so now I know what he meant.  When it comes to our Mom, goodbye really is the saddest word.


Backstreet Boys The Perfect Fan

It’s Mom who shows up to your games, your dance recitals, and in the challenges of life when she has your back.  She’s our fan, no matter what the performance.  The perfect fan, because you’ll always be at the top of her list, too.


Carrie Underwood Mama’s Song

There comes a time when we all leave our Mom’s nest to make our own flight through life.   That’s the first moment of her having to let go.  Then, when it’s time for the wedding, she’s almost heartbroken because she feels like she’s losing us to the care of  . . .some stranger!  Carrie Underwood assures Mom that we think we have a keeper, and she’ll never be losing us, and he or she is the answer to her prayers.


ABBA Slipping Through My Fingers

Time.  That magical, mystical thing that is all the moments of our lives.  Like an hour glass that seems to move slowly at first, the sands of time slip away before we know what’s happened.  It’s a perfect reminder to treasure all our present moments, because all too soon we’ll be looking back and saying, where did the time go?


Martina McBride In My Daughter’s Eyes

There’s an unspeakable joy in watching children.  They are at once innocent and holding all the future possibilities for humankind within them.  And, in them we are reminded of our own joys and hopes and  dreams.  Yes, in my daughter’s eyes, I see all that I ever wanted or hope to be.



And (Surprise!) Justin Bieber Turn To You

Ever stop to think that everybody, everywhere, either has a Mom or is a Mom?  When we remember the things we have in common with others, it’s easier to connect with them in a more meaningful way.  We all love, hurt, cry, and dream.  “The Bieb” reminds us of that and how much we all have to be grateful for in remembering all that our Moms have done for us.







Linda Allen

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