7 Tips for a Successful Detox

Having a detox is a great idea and should be done on a regular basis. They are a great way to boost your system if you have been a little unhealthy. After a vacation or a holiday season is a great time to do one. It doesn’t need to be weeks long or anything; three to five days is sufficient. But how can you make sure that it is a successful detox? You don’t want to feel like you are just starving yourself. You also want the time you have taken to do the detox to have been worthwhile. Here are some top tips for a successful detox.

Drink plenty of Liquids

Our bodies are made up of a lot of water, so it makes sense that we need a lot of water to get it back to its best. Water helps to flush out your system and remove any waste products that have been gathering. There is no need to force yourself to drink if you are not feeling thirsty. You should aim to have at least two litres of water a day, though. On the first couple of days of a detox you may start to feel a little hungry, so drinking a lot of water helps to keep you feeling full too.

Cut Calories

It is a good idea to aim for fewer calories than normal during a detox. Around 1300 is a good number to aim for. You can still eat plenty, but it will just be better food and will keep you with energy. It means that you will get plenty of the right vitamins and minerals too. Cutting calories to be less than this can make you lack energy and feel tired. It will also eat into your muscle stores rather than your fat stores which is the opposite of what you want.

Eat Breakfast

You will have heard it a lot from your parents or grandparents, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make sure that you start the day with a hearty breakfast to give you an energy boost. Great things to eat are porridge or overnight oats. Top with nuts, seeds and berries for plenty of slow release energy.

Use Supplements

To give you an extra boost and to make sure that you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals, it might be a good idea for you to use a supplement. Something like IsaTonic aids healthy weight loss while helping you to detox. If you are on of the people the struggle to lose weight, it is recommended.

Have Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are, as you might imagine, full of greens. They are more vegetable based rather than a smoothie full of fruit. For your lunch or dinner, a green smoothie is a must. You can vary the recipe according to your needs. Have a base like kale, broccoli or spinach and perhaps add something like fresh ginger to give it extra goodness. If you prefer it sweeter, then add a few pieces of apple or orange. Then blend it all with nut milk or some plain yoghurt, depending on how thick you like it. And to save some prep time, go to a source such as Blendtopia where you’ll find an amazing variety of smoothies.

Cut out Certain Foods

To have the most successful detox, there are some things that you do just need to cut out. You should avoid having too much dairy, in particular, cheese. you should cut out refined sugars and only get your sweetness from fruit or natural sources like maple syrup. White flour and rice should be replaced with nut flours or brown options. This makes sure that you get as much energy as possible. You should cut out fizzy soda drinks too. Your body can’t be functioning at its optimum if it is full of junk.

The best snacks to have are unsalted nuts and a few handfuls of berries. It can be a good idea to have some sugar free and dairy free dark chocolate to hand, in the case of a sweetness emergency!

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