7 Tips to Renovate Your Home Office Before Spring

renovate your home office

Whether you work at home full time or you keep a home office as a productive place to get things done on the weekends, the layout of your home office can contribute to your efficiency. If your home office is outdated, cluttered or uncomfortable, you can easily become distracted.

To make the most of your home office situation, you need to keep it updated and homey. As your place to go to get work done, your home office should push you to be more efficient.

If you’re ready to renovate your office, you want to ensure you’re going about it the right way. Because a home office renovation can be a major project, you want to get it right the first time. Here are seven tips for getting the home office of your dreams by spring.

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Create a Dream List

Before you start doing any work on your home office renovations, develop a list of everything your dream office would have. While some of these goals may be far out of reach, planning exactly what you’re looking for before you begin your renovation can provide you with a clear direction to move toward.

Write down each item you want your dream office to have. This may include things such as:

  • A large desk
  • A certain computer or laptop
  • A color scheme
  • Organizational details

Select pictures of furniture, layouts or designs you enjoy. This will become your source of inspiration for designing.

Develop a Budget

Once you have a better idea of what you want in your office, it’s time to consider how those things fit in with your finances. Chances are you can’t afford everything on the dream list you created — and that’s okay. Your dream list wasn’t meant to be your shopping list, only a source of inspiration.

However, you do need to determine what you can afford and what you’re willing to pay for. Take a look at your dream list and choose a few items you can’t go without, what items you already have, and what items can wait. Then create your budget with these items in mind. While this may mean pushing a few unnecessary purchases back until you have the money, spending only on what you truly want can save you in the end.

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Avoid Major Construction

If you’re looking to have your office renovated by spring, you probably want to avoid tearing down walls or starting a major demolition project. While you may want to create an entirely new space eventually, you’ll need months of planning to do so properly.

Create your new office around the space you already have. If you’re looking for a change, paint the walls a new shade or swap out the flooring.

Invest in the Right Furniture

There are a few things you can save on when creating your home office, but your chair shouldn’t be one. If you work primarily in your home office, you’re going to spend a lot of time in the chair you purchase. If it isn’t comfortable, the right height or functional, you’ll quickly grow sick of working in your new space.

Find a chair and desk duo you love and you’re excited to work at, even if it costs a little more than you expected. Spending the money now will prevent you from needing to buy a new desk or chair in a few months or years, and can save you a major headache — and backache — in the future.

Choose a Calming Color

When choosing the color scheme for your new office, you may be tempted to select bright and exciting colors. While they may give you an initial energy boost when you walk in the room, they can actually become incredibly distracting throughout the day.

While you don’t necessarily need to paint your office something boring and bland, avoid colors that may interfere with your mood. For some, neon shades, red or other colors that strain the eye can prevent them from getting work done. Instead, select a color you truly love but that won’t take away from your work.

Prioritize Organization

In order to stay productive in your home office, you want to keep the clutter to a minimum. Keep in mind these organizational tips:

  • Files and documents should be neatly stored away
  • Supplies should have a clear place to go
  • Your desk should be clear and clean when you sit down to do work

Consider your organization needs now and in the future. The sooner you get your files and items organized, the easier it will be to keep a clean workspace.

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Be Patient and Prepared

Even if you’re looking to complete your renovation before spring, know that you won’t be finished in just a few days. Creating the home office of your dreams can take time, so be patient and let it come together in its own time.

To ensure the renovations are completed in full and on time, always have a back-up plan. Things can always go wrong, and problems can arise when you least expect them. If you’re properly prepared, you can navigate those issues before they throw your renovations off course.

When renovating your home office, know what you want your end goal to look like. If you go into the renovations without a plan, you won’t be happy with the outcome. Create an image in your mind and do what you need to see it come to life. These seven tips can be a great place to start.


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Sarah Landrum

After graduating from Penn State with degrees in Marketing and PR, Sarah moved to Harrisburg to start her career as a Digital Media Specialist and a writer. She later founded Punched Clocks, a site dedicated to helping young professionals navigate the work world and find happiness and success in their careers.

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