8 Unique Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

wedding guests

Your wedding is the most wonderful day of your life… but it can also be pretty stressful! Suddenly you have friends and family of wildly ranging ages in the same room, and you need to try and find something that will keep them all entertained. The best entertainment will keep your wedding guests amused, but also help them to bond with one another.

Circus Performers

Having a knife eater or a flaming diablo artist perform at your wedding is a sure way to capture the attention of your guests, and it’s particularly effective if you utilize them to keep everyone busy while you and your new spouse sneak off for some alone time!

A talented performer will give your guests something to talk about for the rest of the evening too.


Caricaturists will make your guests feel special as they pose to have their likeness captured, and give them a great laugh as they see the novel way that they have been drawn on the page! Not only this but it means that your guests will have a keepsake from your special day, and you could even ask for copies yourself to make your wedding album extra special.

Finding a caricaturist isn’t as difficult as you might think, for example Alive Network has a whole host of professionals that you can browse on its website ​​https://www.alivenetwork.com/bandsearch.asp?style=Caricaturists 

Giant Lawn Games

Everyone loves a game of connect four or jenga, and the only thing that makes it even more fun is when it’s GIANT! Games are a great way to encourage competition, teamwork and hopefully some new friendships amongst your guests.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Creating a photo scavenger hunt will not only entertain your guests, but hopefully get you lots of great pictures of your day!

The idea is that you give each group a list of images they need to try and capture with the disposable cameras that you provide, for example ‘two people hugging’ or ‘the best man doing a shot.’ They’ll have great fun working together, and your wedding album will be full of some corkers!

DIY Cocktail Bar

Everyone loves a cocktail, and what could be better than one you invented yourself? Give your guests a table full of booze and some glasses and let them go nuts! You could even offer a prize for the winning cocktail if you want to make it a competition.

Prosecco Pong

Basically beer pong, only with prosecco and nicer glasses (plastic ones are probably a good idea…).

Doughnut Bobbing

String up some doughnuts and challenge your guests to try and get them down using only their mouths. It’ll be hilarious, and there are doughnuts! Win. This is extra effective if you combine it with the photo scavenger hunt and get some terrible pictures into the bargain.

Bouncy Castle

Who doesn’t love a bouncy castle? Get one that’s big enough for kids and adults so that everyone can have a go, and your guests will be entertained for HOURS!