9 Surprising Home Remedies That Work Wonders On Pigmentation

No matter what the season is, flawless skin is always great to flaunt. Be it a day at work, or just smashing it out of the park with your look at a wedding, or bowling your date over, great skin is an asset to have. So, when I was heading out on a date with my husband after a long time post my delivery, I knew I wanted to get the feels of a first date. So, there I was, ready to slip into the dress I’d been eying for a while. But when I looked at my face in the mirror, I could see Scooby Doo staring right back at me. Oh, it wasn’t Scooby, but the pigmentation on my face kind of made me resemble him.

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I’d always known about this issue, but I had never paid too much attention to it. But that day, when I did want to floor my man with my looks, I felt bad. Not because his love for me would fizzle, but because I was seriously concerned about my skin, and I was feeling guilty because I knew I had ignored it for long. I got researching about pigmentation, and to my surprise, there are these sneaky reasons why your skin is discolored in patches.


  • Cooking: Yes, if you dislike cooking but still have to do it, one way of escaping is by using the fact that cooking might cause discoloration of your skin. In fact, anything that causes excessive heat around your skin sauna, or even steam will be harmful.
  • Perfumes: Fragrances might save you from bad odor, but they are not really great for your skin, especially if it’s sensitive.
  • Stress: If you are worried about something, it’ll show on your skin. Studies have proved that stress can lead to pigmentation, so just stop worrying!
  • Illness: One reason you have a lot of pigmentation on your skin could be an illness. Hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, kidney or liver ailments, and even diabetes could be the reason behind discoloration.

Obviously, if you are using bad skin products or not keeping your skin hydrated, it will not be surprising if your skin experiences discoloration. Even coloring your hair could lead to pigmentation, so be careful.

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Now that we know why our skin sometimes has these different colored patches, it’s also important for us to understand how to fix it. Here are some remedies that can reduce pigmentation.

  1. Potatoes

Fries aren’t the only good thing about potatoes. These veggies can work wonders on your skin, especially pigmentation. The natural enzymes in potatoes, along with the sugars, starches, and vitamin C, help exfoliate your skin. Vitamin B helps renew your skin while potato’s niacinamide, a niacin derivative of the Vitamin B Complex group, is great for skin lightening.

  1. Lemons

Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants that help reduce the production of melanin produced by your skin. This is the reason why lemons, rich in Vitamin C, can help reduce pigmentation. Apart from that, the citric acid present in lemons aids the process because the alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) remove the dead skin cells.

  1. Turmeric

If you didn’t listen to your grandma when she told you that turmeric works wonders for your skin, you were wrong! Apart from having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the curcumin component helps fix the damage caused by free radicals, helping you fight pigmentation.

  1. Avocados

Guacamole? Good! Face pack for pigmentation? Better! That’s right. Avocados are great for your pigmentation as the fatty acids, vitamin C, and oleic acid they contain fight off hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E is responsible for soothing and moisturizing your skin.

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  1. Milk

If you don’t like drinking milk, that’s alright. There are many other ways you can put it to use without having to consume it. The lactic acid present in milk helps to reduce skin pigmentation and get rid of the signs of aging as well. A bonus!

  1. Sandalwood

This exotic home remedy will not just help pigmentation but will also make your skin smell amazing. Its essential oils have cicatrizant properties, which means they help heal wounds and get rid of marks. It is also full of sesquiterpenes, chemical components that keep the pineal gland in your brain active, regulating melatonin and releasing it into your blood. This helps pigmentation and also balances your sleep cycle.

  1. Strawberries

Not just will they make great smoothies, they’ll make your skin smooth as well. Their antioxidant and astringent properties help you take care of pigmentation, while the alpha-hydroxy acid helps in exfoliation. Vitamin C helps collagen production, which lends your skin a younger look, and the omega-3 fatty acids help lighten your skin tone. So much!

  1. Papayas

Many people don’t like the fruit, but what if we said that your skin would love it? Rich in papain, an excellent exfoliating agent, papaya helps exfoliate your skin, encouraging the growth of new skin cells. Its antioxidants and phytonutrients make your skin look younger.

  1. Aloe Vera

Talking about skin and not mentioning aloe vera? Not happening! The mucilaginous polysaccharides in aloe gel help exfoliate your skin, moisturizing it and cleansing it from inside. This helps fix pigmentation and gives you that much-loved glow.

With these ingredients readily available in your kitchen, fighting off pigmentation will become easier for you. So, go ahead, first prevent the pigmentation, else, tackle it with these remedies. Good luck!



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