A Comprehensive List Of Chores For 5 Year Olds

chores for 5 year olds

It is very important to train kids with chores so that they help themselves after a certain age. But parents at times may not take this that seriously as they should due to two reasons maybe:

  • They don’t want to burden their kids with activities, or
  • To finish the job faster by doing it themselves rather than insisting their kids

But it is very important to make the children involved at an early stage, as this is the right time to mold them. They will be eager to help parents at certain age. This part of teaching if done properly, will help them in future.

Daily chores can teach them the importance of being responsible, learn good ethic, and feel the satisfaction of completing a work all alone. It is important that every parent makes a list of chores for five year olds so that it will be easy for them to implement it.

Things to remember while planning chores for five year olds:

Before listing the good chores for five year olds, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • It is very important to show how to do certain job rather just teach them orally. Even though explaining is important, it is very important to show by doing that job yourself. This is because children learn easily by seeing rather hearing.
  • Initially, every kid may mess up things. That is why when parents have decided to teach them something, they should have patience until the time kids learn.
  • Remember that your kid is just five-year-old, and he or she is keeping his or her initial steps. Do not expect too much.
  • It is very important to praise the kids when they are done with the job given and even when they are doing it. Encouragement can really help in making the work done

By keeping these in mind, start teaching small things to your five-year-old. Initially, they may be slow or impatient but by practice they will become responsible and independent.

List Of Chores For Five Year Olds:

Try to make a list of things that you want to teach them. Later, start implementing the rest on a priority basis. Some parents may feel that making bed is the first job they want to teach their kids. Others may have goal that clearing the table is something their children must practice first. So, make a list and go forward based on your lifestyle and priority. Let’s look into a list of chores which be useful for five year olds.

  1. Making The Bed

This is something common which majority of the parents have in their mind. Once the kids wake up they want them to do this job. This may be difficult and most hated job for many kids. But try to make it as a practice. Even if they do it imperfectly that’s fine. Keep it as it is. It is better than not doing it.  Rather folding, initially teach them spread it evenly.

  1. Setting The Table

This is the next easy task which one can aim for. Majority of the kids love this task too. May be initially it is confusing but by practice they can learn this quickly. This will also teach them arrangement tricks which will help them in future. They should remember small things here like keeping water, spoon and all other things needed which will test their memory power too.

Most important thing to remember here one must not be too conscious about the dishes. Choose some set which is unbreakable, do not chip, and light weight. Even if something breaks, think this is as a learning curve. Initially teach them to keep one at a time. Once they get confidence, they will be quicker and find their own tricks to do the job quickly.

  1. Clearing The Table

Like setting the table, try to teach them clear the table as well. These two tasks can go together. Teach them clearing the dishes along with the leftover food. This may need help for more time. Since, they should learn what to do with the leftover food. Rather keeping them on kitchen counter teach them what to do with that leftover food like keeping them in the refrigerator. This will make them understand what parents do with the leftover food.

  1. Using The Dishwasher

It is very important to teach them to remove one item at a time. Otherwise they will not learn the job of carefully taking out the delicate items. Make them understand that job should be done neatly and not quickly. Once they are pro, they may take out two glasses at a time but not initially.

  1. Handling Laundry

This is a burden for majority of the people. So, don’t make it same for children. They should love to do this. Teach them how to remove clothes from washer and put them to dryer.

  1. Folding Job

Initially give them their own dried cloths. Start giving them small things like socks and napkins. Separate them and keep for your kid. Majority of the kids love this job. Important thing here if parents neatly fold the cloths and keep them in the right place, automatically kids will do the same thing. They will not be careless when it comes to cloths.

Meantime along with this folding, teach them putting the laundry to the bin for washing. These go together. They stop keeping them on the bed or somewhere else. Usually kids have the habit of living them in bathroom. Try to stop this.

  1. Vacuuming

This will depend on the vacuum cleaner you own. If it is really big and difficult to handle then postpone this training till they become older. Even though it is difficult for five year old, let them know when and how you do it.

  1. Keeping Their Toys Clean

This job is not really difficult to teach. Kids usually love cleaning their toys. They even consider this as a play. Keeping them in right place is not the job they love but if it comes to cleaning them they will like it. Give them a spacious and clean place to keep their toys.

They love their own place. If the place is congested they will start skipping them but if you gave them a nice place they will. This is the best way to teach them organization which will be of great help in their future.


The greatest responsibility of parents is raising independent and productive adults. Through weekly and daily chores, it is possible to teach children importance of routines and discipline. This will be very useful for them when they grow up and run their own households.

Keep it in mind to help them grab a complete understanding of their duties. Watch them while they work. Also, ensure that they do not end up hurting themselves. There is no need to give them hours of work but teach them small chores which can build the foundation for independence.