A number of times, you briefly hand over your android phone to a friend and afraid of their investigative eyes having their way into your confidential files. These include personal folders, messages, and many more others that require absolute privacy. For an android phone user held up in such a difficult situation, nothing much can be achieved with its inbuilt protection features.

Insufficient Native Protection Features

Android phones have outsmarted other smart phones with their extreme user simplicity and extreme sophistication. Unfortunately, they have tremendously failed to provide various options in their own privacy mechanism of protection. The only data security mechanism available on an android phone is passcode locking.

Entry of Software Developers

The advancement in technology has enabled several software developers to come up with several applications for offering data security on android phones. Leomaster is a perfect example of software developing companies that is internationally accredited for creating useful security applications for android devices. These include Leo Privacy Guard and Privacy Lock.

Leo Privacy Guard 

For everyone who is deeply concerned about the private data on their phones, LEO Privacy Guard from Leomaster is your permanent reprieve. Providing complete password protection, LEO Privacy Guard, greatly focuses on giving maximum security to any type of personal data on your phone.

Application’s Description

This android application is the most established and convenient protector for your phone’s personal data such as images, messages, applications, among others. It majorly focuses on keeping secrets in your android device from disgusting snoopers and investigative eyes.

The entire lists of personal data can be securely hidden in Privacy Guard by your own passcode, pattern or fingerprints. This application also enables locking of messages. With this top of the mark application software, you no longer have to worry about accidental access or gossip fingers. The following are the features of this application.

Prominent Features of the Application

  1. Simplicity in Installation

The application doesn’t need to be installed as a device administrator, and nothing changes on your device upon its installation.

  1. Other Applications Security, Apps Lock

Apps Lock makes it possible to lock your other expensive applications in your device from unauthorized transfers. Other users won’t notice anything different until they actually go ahead and try to launch any of those applications. Besides the Apps Lock, there are funny covers to keep your phone running smoothly as well. It quickly locks other applications once you put your device to sleep.

  1. Fun Lock Themes

These are the exciting themes that appear on your device’s screen after an application has been locked depending on your settings. For example, a zipper may appear on the screen which will ask you to pull it down fast. This can only be done using a specific pattern known to the owner.

  1. Device Monitor

This application enables you to monitor your data usage and battery condition in real time.


We have experienced so many cases of private information of individuals being leaked online. A perfect example is that of celebrities. This information is always obtained from their inadequately secured android devices. With LEO Privacy Guard for android, your data will always be secured. Cases of blackmail will be a thing of the past.