How Adding Surveillance to Your Workplace Can Improve Company Efficiency


Entrepreneurs invest a lot of time, effort, and money in building their companies. They hire the best candidates as employees and expect them to deliver quality output all the time. Unfortunately, business owners have a lot of things on their plate, and they cannot be physically present at their office all the time. In order to monitor their company’s everyday activities, these employers tend set up an office surveillance system, either through a security firm or a private investigation firm.

Here’s how adding surveillance to your workplace can help improve your company’s efficiency.

1.       Better Implementation of Company Policies

Surveillance enables employers to check how their employees are adhering to the company’s policies. By reviewing daily surveillance footage, owners are also able to see whether the set rules and regulations are helping the employees maximize their time and skills, or whether these policies are hindering productivity. Once the managers have analyzed the data gathered from the videos, they are now properly informed to make the necessary changes in helping employees do their work effectively.

2.       Makes Employees more Accountable

Knowledge of an existing surveillance system makes employees more alert and cautious about their daily performance at the office. Knowing that their computer activities are being monitored, they are less likely to waste time on social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram, or engage in non-work related activities. The time usually spent browsing the Internet for leisurely purposes will instead be channeled to doing more important tasks at work.

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3.       Prevents Loss of Company Resources

Employers have a right to keep the company’s assets safe against theft and loss. This can range from small acts such as taking home office supplies, getting money from cash registers, or even selling sensitive data with the competitor. A good surveillance system will help save the company a lot of money and prevent the loss of important data

4.       Provides Security

Constant monitoring of the workplace’s day-to-day activities can also help employers minimize risks and eliminate security threats. Managers are able to check the different areas of the workplace, taking note of possible causes of injury or accidents such as loose cable ties and equipment malfunction. It also helps prevent sexual advances in the workplace with surveillance footage serving as evidence to back up the employee’s harassment claims.

5.       Serves as Additional Training Material for Employees

In-house surveillance can serve as effective training material for employees. Rather than just list down possible solutions for work problems, it would be more effective to show actual footage about the situation being discussed. Equipped with the visual know-how, employees become more equipped to handle similar situations in the future.


Surveillance in the workplace provides a number of advantages. Companies just need to be cautious in installing these monitoring systems and make sure that they ask the help of a lawyer to avoid violation of privacy laws. Employers also need to be transparent with their employees and inform them of the different locations of the surveillance cameras, as well as their plans of monitoring the workplace. When explained thoroughly and implemented properly, surveillance can help reduce security threats, protect the rights of the employees, safeguard company assets and ultimately increase workplace efficiency.


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