Women Working In A Man’s World- You Can Be Anything You Want To Be


There are still careers out there which you still generally imagine women doing, and then there are some that you believe are still careers for men only. However, just as the military is beginning to let women be on the front lines, so too are women taking jobs in careers you may not have imagined for them.

 Just as men can become hairdressers and women’s clothing designers, so too could women work in industries such as auto repair and even ranch hand. There is no reason a woman can’t take on any career she wants, and can learn the required skills.

 Fixing Homes

 Most people don’t picture women doing roofing jobs, but there are plenty of ladies out there doing just that, and more. You don’t have to hire a man to put in your new windows or do your flooring, women are just as capable of doing these types of jobs.

 In fact, there are plenty of women out there running their own house flipping businesses and doing much, if not all, of the work fixing up these homes themselves.

 Working In A Shop

 You may be surprised at how common it is to find at least one women working in auto care in your community. Although it’s not so common that you will find a ton of them,  they are there. For women in need of auto repairs, taking their vehicle to a woman can help them feel less like they are being taken advantage of.  Not that all men working in auto repair   take advantage of the fact that  women generally know a lot less about cars and car repairs.

 female mechanic 2

Women can easily enough take courses in car care, and have the ability to be great car automotive technicians. Until people stop buying cars there will always be a need for people of both sexes to get into this industry.

 Strange Career Choices

 These are some of the more basic careers that many people still see as man run, but you’re also seeing women take on other man-centered careers. Just take a moment to turn on your television and watch women join the crews of crab boats, or driving semi trucks.

 alternative careers

As a woman, with drive and with dreams, you can take on any career challenge you want. Don’t let the fact that the majority of people in the field you want to go into are the opposite sex keep you from following your dreams and having the career you want. Get the training and get to work!

Alternative Careers:  The Choices Are Yours

In this day and age, although there is still a gender gap when it comes to wages, there are far less rules keeping women from taking on the roles of men in society and in the workspace.


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female mechanic