Amazing Tricks You Can Use To Improve Your Memory Right Now

Improve Your Memory

Have you ever been stressed out because you knew the thing you were trying to remember was on the tip of your tongue? Memory loss is something we usually associate with the older generation, but in reality it affects us all every day. Sometimes forgetfulness can have a big impact on your life.

You grow as a person when you learn new things, so in an ideal world you’d be able to retain anything important to you. One way you can turn things upside down is by using a few tricks to improve your memory. Take a look at some of the better ones today and you’ll never misplace your car keys again.


Get Plenty Of Beauty Sleep

Go to bed late every night and you’ll end up feeling foggy in the morning. Not only will you forget your dreams when you wake up, but you’ll lose track of half the day. The reason why lots of sleep boosts your memory is actually pretty scientific.

When you’re in a deep sleep throughout the night your mind will carry out a special memory-enhancing activity, which has been proven in a study. Here are a few key points to remember:

  • Sleep in a completely dark room
  • Go to bed at the same time nightly
  • Don’t drink coffee in the evening
  • Turn off your laptop an hour before bed

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Pair A Memory With Something

This is how some unique people can memorise multiple decks of cards at the same time. They’ll look through each deck and pair a specific card with something else. It could be the name of a celebrity or a country.

You actually do this too without realising it. If you hear a certain song playing it will take you back to a particular time in your life. If you want to remember things in the future try to associate them with something to help trigger the memory.


Start Using Brain Training Apps

Even though the brain isn’t a muscle it can still be trained like one. When you’re training your memory it will get stronger like a big set of biceps.

In the past this would be done completing crossword puzzles and playing chess, but we’re not living in the olden days any more. Now you’ve got access to some fantastic brain training apps you can play on your smartphone when you’re not working or sitting in class.


Write Everything Down On Paper

We’ve just talked about throwing old school methods out the window thanks to new technology, but now we’re going to do the exact opposite. If you want to remember something so it’s ingrained inside your mind don’t type it into your phone.

You can repeat it to yourself dozens of times, but unless it’s to remember an important name you’ll get bored quickly. Start to write something down on paper if you want it to pop into your head at a later date. There is something very special about the act of putting pen to paper.

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Try To Reduce Your Stress

Stress is one of those things you could write a book about when it comes to memory loss, but it’s easy to understand if you think about how it’s affected you. Think back to a time where someone asked you a tough question.

Under normal circumstances you might have got it right, but during times where you were fighting against the clock I bet your brain froze. Learning how to breathe properly is the first thing you should look at before making big changes to your life.


Focus On What Is Important

They say we can only remember around 7 things in our short-term memory, and although different numbers are thrown around they’re relatively close. If you used common sense you would assume it was only possible to store a certain number of things in our long-term memory too.

Why do people try to remember things they don’t even care about? If something isn’t important to you forget it’s ever crossed your mind. You’ll then be able to focus all of your energy on everything you don’t want to forget.


It’s Much Easier Than You Think

The funny thing is you’ll likely forget most of the tricks we’ve talked about today, so now would be a good time to choose a few. Begin to practice them regularly and you’ll see success. It doesn’t take too long to improve your memory if you’re determined enough.


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