“Become it and it’s Yours”: Using the Law of Attraction to Achieve Your Goals

Ever had a quote change your life? Emily Bennington of professionalstudio365.com has.  I came across her post today and it really got me thinking.  Check out the following excerpt from Emily’s blog:

“Want it and you’ll never have it. Become it and it’s yours.” I have to admit that it took a while before this one really clicked. About nine years in the workforce to be exact. I’ve spent (that is, wasted) a lot of time wanting to be a lot of things in my career… a more sophisticated executive, an author, teacher, expert, you name it.

I spent a full year trying (unsuccessfully) to find an agent for my book before I finally said, “Screw it. I’m going to write the damn thing anyway.” And once I started writing, something happened.

I started to see myself as an author and my pride in the work swelled exponentially. So I kept on writing – and being disciplined about it – because that’s what authors do. As you might expect, when I shifted my self-perception from “would-be” to “current” author, I found an agent.

Regular readers of this blog know I strongly believe in The Law of Attraction (i.e. your thoughts become your reality; what you think you will get, you will get.)  I believe in it because once I started understanding The Law of Attraction and using it in my life, my life has completely changed for the better (landing my current job and raise, meeting my current boyfriend, finally getting a puppy, growing this blog and network, to name a few).

Emily’s experience is a great example of how shifting your perception about your goals can put you on a much faster path to getting what you want.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t discriminate against positive or negative thoughts the way a Google search only knows how to search for what you tell it to.  The Law of Attraction simply attracts into your life what you are thinking about. So if you are thinking things like:

  • I will never get that job!  It’s such a stretch and I’m sure they will never offer a 25 year old like me that big salary I requested.
  • I’m going to be single forever!  There are no guys out there, they all suck and cheat.

If you keep thinking like that, that is exactly what you will get.

When it comes to your goals, shift your perception and be aware of your thoughts. 

  •  Imagine what your new office will look like at that new job you want so bad, visualize the image of your paycheck with that nice new salary on it, wear the suit that makes you feel amazing, think about how it will feel to come into the office every morning once you start the job, carry yourself as if you are already hired. 
  • If you are hoping to meet someone special this year, assume the positive: imagine what your dream guy looks like, know that he exists, think about where you guys would go on dates, his/her interaction with your friends and family, how s/he makes you laugh.

A lot of us use the phrase “when it rains, it pours!” when things get crazy (whether in a good or bad way).  Let’s use the dating example again.  When Donny Dater goes on a first date and starts opening his mind up to the experience and getting in the dating mindset again, he may get a call from Sally Neighbor who he thought was cute, then he might meet someone out the next weekend and say, “Wow, I haven’t dated in 6 months and now I have 3 dates in a few weeks!  When it rains it pours!” It’s because Donny made a shift in his thinking.  He has started to think about what his ideal girlfriend is like, he is living the dating scene, he has opened himself up to it, and now he BELIEVES he is worthy enough to date.

We all know a person who always seems to have great things happening to him or her, and others who always seem to be having another catastrophe.  Does one person have good luck and the other bad?  No, they’ve created their own luck with their thoughts and attitude.

Are you hindering YOURSELF from reaching your goals?  Do you find yourself assuming you won’t achieve a goal before you even start trying?

Have you ever experienced a career or life victory due to positive thinking?  If so, what advice would you give others about staying positive and going after what you want?

Nicole Emerick

Nicole Emerick founded Ms. Career Girl in 2008 to help other ambitious young professional women thrive in a career they love. Ironically, growing MsCareerGirl helped Nicole transition her own career from commercial banker to digital marketer. Today Nicole leads the social media team at a large advertising agency in Chicago. Nicole also served as an adjunct professor at DePaul University where she helped develop the careers of PR, Advertising and Communications students. Tweet with Nicole @_NicoleEmerick.