Bedroom details: Ways to create a minimalist space with little fuss

Minimalism isn’t all about cold or plain rooms, it’s about respecting your space and using neutral colours and patterns intentionally. Not only does it look amazing but it’s a lot easier to keep clean; if you’ve got less stuff to move about it takes less time to make it look better!

Here are some ways to create a minimalist space in your bedroom.

 Minimise clutter

Before you even think about doing anything else, you need to declutter! Have a clear out and maybe a polish of your bedroom surfaces. If you can’t bring yourself to throw things away, then donate them to charity or call up your friends to see if they want anything. If there are seasonal things around your bedroom or items, pack them away in the loft and only get them out when/if they’re needed. Examples of such items might include sports gear, musical instruments and cookery books; for further ideas visit Expert home tips. Having and creating minimalist space is all about having things that matter and clearing away the things that don’t.

 Let light in

Darkness makes your bedroom feel cramped. So let the natural light in, as it will transform your room making it feel spacious and free. Have blinds or curtains in plain colours so that natural light can enter. If you aim to limit those dark shadows in your bedroom, then place some lighting above big pieces of furniture such as your wardrobe.


Your bedroom doesn’t require irrelevant pieces of furniture, and especially not in minimalist bedrooms. This is because additional chairs and cabinets will alter the space, and you will lose that minimalist feeling to it. Choose a basic bedside table with just a lamp on top to help maintain a clutter-free area. A dressing table is more of a personal choice because not everyone has one, but if you do, make sure you pick a design that best suits your need and more importantly space. Don’t buy a huge bulky one that takes up half your room.

Go neutral

Neutral colours are a must in a minimalist space. Don’t go for overpowering crazy patterns because they are just too busy for your room. Whether you have carpets, a rug, a bed form a company such as Divan Beds Centre or a wooden flooring, choose neutral and and natural colours for them. If you’re stuck for what colours to use  – grey, beige or even ‘greige’ – or unsure what matches up well, take a look at Better Homes & Gardens for some tips.

 Finishing touches

Place a large piece of artwork above your bed or hang up some plain photo frames in a grid on a wall. Display a single vase or put some flowers in it. Choose simple window treatments such as wooden blinds or plain coloured curtains, or have a large mirror against the wall. Things like this just add to your room and make it feel homely and welcoming.

Designing a minimalist bedroom is all about “harmonising a space and creating a perfect balance of leaving certain spaces in a room void of furnishings and accessories”. We all have our own thoughts about what works and what doesn’t; as an example, blog Hannah in The House lists ideas of how to give a bedroom a minimalist spin with a Nordic influence. So get started and enjoy the process.