Benefits of Coconut Oil you Probably Didn’t Know About

benefits of coconut oil

Nowadays, more and more people want to live a long, healthy life and are looking for ways to use natural ingredients as often as possible. Plants, fruits and vegetables have many unknown benefits and their extracts will make a difference when you use them with therapeutic purpose. Coconut oil is one of the ingredients that can easily be classified as a “superfood.” Its amazing effects are given by the unique combination of fatty acids that have a positive impact on our health. These effects have been demonstrated with thorough evidence. In order to understand the benefits of coconut oil for your health, we should know about its most important effects.

The fatty acids from coconut oil have strong medical properties

It has a high concentration of saturated fats, so it can burn fat from your body faster than a regular diet. Also, it gives you energy and raises the good cholesterol level; it lowers the risk of heart disease.

Eating  coconut oil can make you healthier

Studies show that exotic populations who eat a lot of coconut are healthier that those from other countries and live longer.

You can lose l weight and the harmful fat from your belly if you consume coconut oil

This oil contains a medium chain of triglycerides that helps our body burn 5% more calories in 1 day. If you consume it, you will fight obesity with good calories, which are necessary as well.

It kills germs and harmful microorganisms from our body

Coconut oil has the capacity to kill harmful pathogens that could make us sick. Its fatty acids have positive action over bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Coconut Oil supports your diet because it reduces hunger

Another amazing feature of fatty acids from coconut oil is that they help you eat less, so they are diet-friendly. Also, they help you keep your good shape and normal weight.

Fatty acids from coconut oil may reduce seizures caused by several diseases

A ketonic diet is rich in good fats and low in carbs. Extracts from coconuts will increase blood concentration of ketones found in the human blood. More ketones can help epileptic children by reducing seizures.

Coconut Oil helps prevent heart disease by raising the good HDL cholesterol level

A strong heart is an important ally in our continuous fight with stress. Studies show that coconut oil has the capacity to raise the good HDL cholesterol level from the blood, lowering the heart disease risk.

Oil extracted from coconuts has positive effects on your skin, hair and teeth

Our beauty and skin health are important for us. More and more specialists in this area advise us to use natural extracts. Coconut oil is very effective when you use it as a skin moisturizer and protects the hair from being damaged.

It improves Alzheimer’s patients brain functions

Because it increases the level of ketones and medium-chain triglycerides from the body, coconut oil produces more brain energy in patients who suffer from Alzheimer, relieving symptoms.

Readily available in stores that sell healthy food and supplements.

You will get the best results if you use organic oil and not the refined version.  It’s easy to find in health food sections of many stores.

Use coconut oil as often as possible and you will be amazed by the results!