Best Destinations for Backpacking


Passionate travelers often want to relax by visiting different places in the world. The rise in touring costs may restrict their passion for travel. However, some places can overcome this financial constraint and let them experience the adventure of travelling. These places have beautiful sceneries for backpacking and hiking, and many exciting things can be done there at very reasonable costs. 

Places for adventure travel on a budget

India –

This is a large country with numerous travel destinations in different parts of it. Darjeeling and Digha in West Bengal are perfect places for cheap yet enjoyable tours. Sikkim, Meghalaya, Itanagar, Shimla, Nainital, Dehradun, Rishikesh, McLeodganj, Lonavala, Kodaikanal, and Ooty are the popular hill stations of India. Alleppey, Munnar, Hampi, Kanyakumari, and Pondicherry are lesser-known tourist destinations in South India. Many tourists visit Amritsar, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Varanasi, and Khajuraho to learn about the rich heritage of this country. Goa, Puri, and Gokarna in Karnataka are visited for their sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes. The flights of Air India Express can bring tourists at cheap prices from different foreign locations.    

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Thailand –

This Southeast Asian country is a popular tourist destination. Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya are the three common places where tourists flock to enjoy their vacations. Tourists can enjoy dinner on a cruise in Bangkok, to have a full view of the city from the riverside and relish local cuisines. Then they visit the Grand Palace, some famous temples of this city, and satisfy their shopping spree on the streets of Bangkok. Pattaya is famous for its pristine beaches and tourists may also enjoy Thai massage in the spas here. Visits to Nong Nooch Garden, Coral Island, and the traditional Elephant Show by trained elephants are also worthwhile for tourists. Phuket is a beach town particularly famous for its charming nightlife. 

The Philippines –

It is a wonderful archipelago nation where tourists can enjoy exploring forests, underground rivers, huge caves, waterfalls, volcanoes, and coral reefs. Adventurous tourists can experience the thrill of snorkelling, hitchhiking, camping in the forest, and going through ancient limestone caves.  Food and drinks are very cheap in all the restaurants, bars, and roadside eateries in the Philippines. Backpackers can stay in the dormitories of hostels and opt for jeep rides, buses, and ferries to tour this country at a very low budget.   

Vietnam –

This country in Southeast Asia is a great place for a budget tour. Tourists can buy a motorbike at a super cheap price here, to explore through the roads of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City at a very low cost. Tourists can also comfortably move around in air-conditioned buses at reasonable prices. They can stay at local hostels and share rooms with others to lower their touring cost in Vietnam, and they may also love camping in a hammock in rural areas of Vietnam. They can visit Imperial City, War Remnants Museum, and Temple of Literature to know more about this land. 

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Chile –

This South American country is full of mountains, desert, and coastal areas. Backpackers can opt for exploring the Atacama Desert and hiking the routes of W Trek and Paine Circuit in Torres del Paine National Park.  Tourists can take a bus or shuttle taxi to move around this city at affordable costs. Backpackers may also take a bike on rent rather than booking tour packages that are much costlier. They also need to negotiate the prices of some guided tour packages, mainly in the driest Atacama Desert. Santiago is the best place for skiing while Lake District is famous for its landscapes.

East Coast Australia –

This place is particularly famous for the Great Barrier Reef, which attracts lots of adventurous tourists to dive deep into the seawater. They may also love 4WD vehicles in Fraser Island or sail to Whitsundays, which is the centre of the Great Barrier Reef. However, backpackers need to plan their tours here, to avoid extravagance. They should also refrain from partying in bars and complete the journey slowly, in a maximum of 4 weeks to visit all tourist spots on the East Coast.

Queenstown in New Zealand –

This small town is famous for its picturesque landscape, surrounded by The Remarkables Mountain Range. It houses a sparse population and is known for its vibrant nightlife. It is called the Adventure Capital of New Zealand, due to several thrilling activities that can be done here. Tourists can go swimming, boating, or water sports in Lake Wakatipu. They can walk through the Kiwi Birdlife Park and enjoy the cultural show held there. Skydiving, wine tasting in Wanaka resort town, and riding Skyline Gondola are other popular activities to do here. 

Peru –

This South American country is popular as a low-budget tourist destination. The capital city Lima has many restaurants and bars where food lovers can relish local cuisines. Adventurous tourists enjoy sand boarding at dunes in Ica, climb the Colca Canyon in Arequipa, and sail to visit Puno on the bank of Lake Titicaca. They also love visiting Paracas National Reserve, Manu National Park, Cusco city, the legendary city Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Inca Trail.   

Cambodia –

This Southeast Asian country may not be listed among the most popular tourist destinations but it is a favourite to history-lovers. Its capital Phnom Penh is a great place for shopping and tasting delicious foods in cafes, bars, and restaurants. Angkor Wat is a famous historical place that houses many ancient Hindu temples. Tourists can have glimpses of dolphins playing in the rivers of Cambodia. They can ride the bamboo train for fun and watch bears closely at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center. They may spend a day in the floating villages on Tonle Sap Lake, starting on boats from Siem Reap. The visit to two beautiful islands Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem are also included in the tour itinerary. 

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Denmark –

Though a trip to Denmark can be expensive, backpackers can visit there on a low budget by making adjustments in lodging, eating, and sightseeing. Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Randers are the cities flocked by tourists. Aalborg Carnival, Beer Relay in Aarhus University, Gay Pride Parade, and Beer Festivals in Copenhagen are the events that tourists love to participate in. Mountain biking, climbing trees while camping, kite surfing, skateboarding, sea kayaking, and wakeboarding are the adventurous activities that can be pursued by tourists in Denmark. 

Greece –

This ancient European country is a popular tourist destination where people can travel on a low budget. It is better to travel there in May, June, September, and early October when the crowd is much less here. Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos are the favourite destinations of this country. Tourists can enjoy scuba diving off the shores of Cycladic Island of Kythnos and have a glimpse of a wrecked warship of World War II at Agios Stefanos Bay. They can sail to the Ionian Islands and the Naxos archipelago to relax on the sandy beaches there. They may enjoy paragliding over Lefkada Island, or they may go hiking the Ramble Trails in Andros and Menalon Trails in Stemnitsa. 

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Turkey –

This country shares land both in Europe and Asia. It is heaven for enjoying various thrilling outdoor sports. Tourists ride hot air balloons over the Cappadocia region in Central Turkey. They can enjoy scuba diving along the coasts between Alanya and Tekirova where they can see plenty of underwater caves, canyons, and wrecks. White water rafting along the Alanya coast is another adventurous sport.  Jet skiing, banana rides, parasailing are other popular water sports in the Mediterranean Sea. Tourists also enjoy windsurfing, kiteboarding, canyoning, sea kayaking, and paragliding in Turkey. They also go for mountain biking, horse safari, jeep safari, rock climbing, and surfing over waterfalls. 

Arizona in Southeast USA –

This region is a popular spot for adventurous road trips that can be enjoyed at very cheap costs. Canyon de Chelly is a hiking route where people can enjoy the scenic beauty and some historic spots. Colossal Cave Mountain Park near Tuscan city is a cool place for a paid adventurous trip.  Tourists also visit Jerome, the haunted town of Arizona. Mount Lemmon on Santa Catalina Mountains and Monument Valley on the border of Arizona and Utah are also great tourist destinations. San Xavier del Bac Mission, Sunset Crater, Wupatki National Monument, Tumacacori National Historical Park, and Tortilla Flat are other tourist attractions.

Thus, backpackers can visit several countries at affordable costs without worrying about expenses while fulfilling their passion for travel.