Best Paying Careers for Someone Who Has an Eye for Technology and Innovation

DevOps as a career tech

You’ve finally graduated, tossed the toga and are now well on your way to a thousand possibilities! And with a lot of things to choose from, you want to end up stuck with what you really want to do. It’s wise to opt for careers that match the kind of lifestyle you want, the things you want to create and contribute and the knowledge you want to acquire. With today’s super-fast tracked technology trends and product development, every novel and weird idea is potential gold.

If you are serious about your career goals, then you should equip yourself with resources that will catapult that idea to great heights. What better way to start somewhere and build your way around it. If you have a passion for technology and a knack for design, there are a number of great lines of work you can start with that pay well.

Software development

Do you enjoy playing computer or mobile games? Ever wished you could add in more challenging obstacles? Then, writing and improving codes is for you. Software development is all about that and more.

A software developer gets to be in charge of the development process. It’s the process of ensuring a software’s functionality, performance, upgrade or maintenance. You can be in computer systems design, finance, and manufacturing. Collaboration is essential for this role as you will get to work with other teams crucial to you and your team’s success.

Computer Programming

This involves intense coding at its best. The goal of a computer programmer is to identify the most efficient way to solve a problem. You have to be keen to understand what the client or business needs, what programming language to use and how to design a solution that any programmer can also work with.

Be prepared for pulling long hours at work and fighting off sleep. If you’re more of a nocturnal animal then this will work for you. Tons of programming courses and lessons can be found online should you decide to hone your coding skills at the comfort of your home.

Product Management

When there are new products (especially gadgets) introduced to a target demographic, are you one of the few who religiously follows through these and analyzes how well it has been accepted and if it’s really as good as they say it is?

And you question the value and impact of the said product? Well, your inquisitive nature can be a sign pointing you to the field of Product Management.

You not only get to work with your ideas but the collective perception of the customers/business. You have to constantly keep up with the changing times and evolve with it for you to thrive. Searching for a Product Manager Interview can give you an idea of what this work is going to be like. Looking ahead on what you can expect as if you’re already there is a good way to set yourself up for success.

Katharine Whitehorn’s statement fits the situation of someone fresh from graduation and looking for green pastures. She said to “Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it.”


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