Brain Supplements: The Smart Way To Use Them

brain supplements

You may have used them in college during exams to get whatever advantage you could.  Or maybe it was on that super long road trip that included a couple overnighters.  But did you really know what you were taking?  Were you using it in a way that might be helpful and yet not dangerous to your health?  Here’s a look at what the experts say.

No Miracle Drugs

Everyone wants a quick fix.  After all, we live in the age of instant gratification.  But there is also a thing called reality.  No, there isn’t a pill that is going to make any of us a genius, superwoman, or the next Ms. Universe.  But whether you want to get smarter, stronger, or more attractive, there are things you can do to move in that direction.

Patience, that thing we’ve heard is supposed to be a virtue, is going to be required whenever you’re expecting big, lasting changes.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is the new you you’re seeking to become.

Similarly, you can’t take a pill and expect you’re going to ace the exam without some regular study, lab work, or whatever else is part of the course syllabus.  While brain supplements can provide some help, you still have to do the grunt work.

What Brain Supplements Do

If you went into a pharmacy and asked for something for pain, the pharmacist wouldn’t just hand you a bottle of pills.  Because there are virtually hundreds of different pain medications.  Each is designed and formulated for different kinds of pain and different conditions accompanying the pain.  The same is true of brain supplements.

There are what might be generally called brain supplements that are specifically for:

  • thinking
  • alertness
  • focus
  • concentration
  • memory
  • mood

Obviously, common sense tells you that you shouldn’t just grab any old pain pill, or brain supplement, without being clear on both the product and what you’re using it for.


Expectations Are Important

There are facial creams that promise to make you look like a teenager again.  Without the complexion problems, of course!  But it’s ludicrous to think they’re going to act overnight or even in a week or two.

Some brain supplements are designed to have a more immediate effect, particularly ones for alertness.  But for many of them, the changes are more likely to be subtle and experienced over a long period of time.

There’s also the element of dosage.  More is not necessarily better, and may be dangerous.  For example, if you wanted something for wakefulness, what is the ideal modafinil dosage?

“Hey Buddy . . .”

Whatever it is you take into your body, you should be sure of the source and the quality.  You should never accept unlabeled pills from anyone, no matter who they are.   There are plenty of helpful online suppliers that provide full information and disclosures to help you make good decisions on what you need or want.

Do your homework.  Check references.  Be patient as appropriate.  And brain supplements can be safely used in ways that will help you meet your individual objectives.