Bridging The Distance and Staying Connected

staying connected

We live in a world that has become incredibly connected.  The internet has brought the world closer together, virtually, in amazing ways.  But too often, the connections have lost meaning and value.  Now more than ever, staying connected in a more meaningful way has become a much higher priority.

If you’re ready to start bridging the distance between you and your loved ones here’s a mix of new and old ways to make it happen.

Staying Connected – The Old Fashioned Way

So you’ve never lived without the internet?  You might be pleasantly surprised to explore some of the ways your parents and grand parents stayed in touch.

Letter Writing

In a world of instant everything, it might seem crazy to think that writing a letter and sending it via the postal service has any value.  You’d be very wrong.

During the recent months of lockdowns and shelter-in-place, multiple articles appeared relating the value of writing a letter versus sending a text or email.  Preferably in your own handwriting, not typewritten.  Recipients of such personal letters universally felt more connection, and placed more value on the letter that was personally written.

Here’s a challenge:  Ask an elderly relative or friend to share an old love letter with you.  But be forewarned: you’re going to see smiles and tears.  Now compare that to emails and texts that quickly become lost, deleted, or misplaced in the constant shuffle of new devices.

staying connected

Send a Greeting Card – By Snail Mail

If you don’t feel creative or confident enough to draft a personal letter, go for a physical card.  That’s a big step above sending the typical Amazon e-card that, just like a text or email, is soon lost.

Pick out one with the perfect message or verse, but don’t stop there.  In your own handwriting, pen your own short message in addition to signing the card.  Just like those old letters, a thoughtful card is likely to end up in the recipients box of personal treasures.

Just an Old Fashioned Love Song

At a loss for words?  Find that song that pulls at your heart strings, and get a copy of it on a memory stick that they can carry with them.  Imagine your special someone sent you this, and you could carry it around where ever you go:  (This is for you, JW <3)

Tech With a Twist

If you just can’t make a break with technology, at least ditch the texting and try something that sends a personal touch that’s yours and yours alone.  Here’s a couple we like:

Friendship Lamps

Imagine having a bedside lamp that’s directly connected to that someone special.  Just a tap on the lamp and a matching lamp on the other end is illuminated.  And in the color you choose. Most colors have universal meanings, or the two of you might have your own private meanings.

Feeling a little love in your heart?  A tap glows red anywhere the matching lamp might be the world over.  Had an especially happy day or experience?  Yellow is the color we all associate with the happy face.

Friendship lamps are a great way to send a quick visual message, any time, any place.

Virtual Group Activities

Think scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, or maybe even your favorite board game.  Combined with one of the group apps, like Zoom, and you’ve got a new way to get together.   Virtual group games are really only limited by your own imagination.

If you’re not up to creating your own game, there’s a ton of ideas online.  Check out this article recently published to help families cope with the separation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Personal, Real Connections Create Lasting Memories

No matter your choice, making your connections more personal will not only result in some enjoyable moments.  You’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.  Sometimes, they might even be the spark that forever changes your future.






Linda Allen

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