Buying Your First Handgun – Some Essential Tips

Have you been thinking about getting a handgun for long? Well, purchasing a handgun might not be as easy as it seems. There are innumerable types of handguns and pistols to choose from and making the right decision can be tough.

As a new shooter on the block, you may be overwhelmed by the wide varieties of guns available. When you start to do your research you may be surprised to find that you can even get an 80% pistol and build your own. With so many choices you may make the mistake of choosing the wrong gun.

Mentioned below are some essential tips which will help you in buying the best handgun:

The use of the handgun

Before investing in a handgun, it is important to understand the intended purpose of the same. Usually first time shooters look for a firearm for self-defense which they can use conveniently in and around their home. Instead of a handgun, a rifle or a shotgun might also serve the purpose. There is just no point in investing in custom 1911 for a first time shooter as this is a hi-fi range of shotgun for the pros. Shotguns and rifles are easy to operate and can be used with little training. The only problem is that these guns are difficult to conceal.

 Whether buy new or used guns

This is a very important consideration which needs to be made and solely depends on the buyer’s discretion. Do not be mistaken by the thought that used guns are not good etc. The used guns in good quality come at 25-50% less price than new handguns. You can buy two good quality used handguns at the price of one new handgun by this means. For buying used handguns, it is recommended to purchase the same from a reliable dealer. Quality guns come with lifetime warranty and therefore anyone who purchases the gun (2nd hand or 3rd hand) is covered by the warranty.

 Caliber and gun size

The caliber to shoot and the gun size are two important things to keep in mind while buying a handgun. A full size chambered gun with low power caliber will be easy to operate and shoot from. The shooting experience is quite enjoyable as well with this kind of gun. On the other hand is a compact pistol, which is chambered in high caliber – operating this gun for long period will not be something very comfortable. There are two things actually – in one kind there is comfort and ease of shooting; while in the other it is easy to conceal and carry. It depends on your choice and priorities mostly.

 Permissible budget

You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing guns or handguns. Apart from the styles in which the guns work, the firearms come in varying budgets. In fact people from all income groups can buy handguns as per their needs and requirements. Right from expensive custom 1911 to inexpensive high-point shotguns and handguns, there are umpteen varieties to choose from. Keep the budget in mind while choosing the gun. There are sites where you can compare weapon prices side by side.  Whatever your choice may be, if it’s a choice between price and reliability, keep reliable as always the more important factor.