Can You Lose Belly Fat on a Rowing Machine

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The pandemic pretty much ensured that people stayed indoors for the better part of 2020. This year has been pretty similar albeit with a little more outdoor activity, as vaccinations gain traction. This means that belly fat is something that a lot of people have to deal with at the moment.  Quite naturally, there are lots of solutions being peddled as the ultimate in dealing with the issue of belly fat. One of them is the rowing machine. This machine is taunted as one of the best solutions to belly fat. Many are asking, does it really work? Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine? The answer is both yes, and no.

Some of the reasons why it can work are as below:

The tech is reviewed and tested

Rowing machines are time-tested and proven to give results when it comes to belly fat. One of the most popular of these machines is the Hydrow. This machine has got some pretty high marks from TechAwards, and for good reason.  The machine is highly rated for ease of use, durability, and the fact that it is fun to use.  It simulates a live rowing environment which makes it quite fun to use, and can motivate someone to stay on the machine for longer, a factor that is good for their burning belly fat. Essentially, as long as you stay on the machine consistently, you are guaranteed to burn belly fat.

Rowing has always been a good workout

Rowing is one of those activities that workout your entire upper body. As such, anyone who uses this machine has a pretty good chance of losing belly fat. You just need to be consistent in your workout routine, and you would be good to go.  Rowers are very fit people, and since the machine simulates real-world rowing, there is no reason why you should not lose weight.

The rowing machine is an indoor machine

Rowing may be an outdoor activity, but exercise rowing machines are built for the indoors. This means that as long as you use the machine the right way, and consistently, you should be in a position to lose weight. There is literally no excuse why you shouldn’t use it every day. You can use the machine when you wake up every morning, or in the evening after work. If you work from home, you can use it at any moment, and in no time, you will get the results you want.

However, it is important to note that the rowing machine is not some kind of magic bullet. For it to work, you have to be consistent in how you use it. Below are some factors that may prevent it from giving you the results you want.

Poor diet

Your diet is the number one reason why a rowing machine may not give you the results you want. You need to understand that you are pretty much what you eat. If you binge on unhealthy fatty foods, you will need to work extra hard to burn that fat. If your rate of burning those calories is not fast enough, then you could mistakenly believe that the rowing machine is not working.

Inconsistency in working out

Workout, like every other endeavor in life requires consistency. You should try and engage in high intensity workout for at least 3 days a week. For faster results, you can up this to 5-days. Get on the machine and ensure that you row for at least 30 minutes non-top. Failure to do this will see you blaming the machine when in reality you are the one not working out the way you are supposed to.


From the above, you should be able to deduce that a rowing machine works, but it is not magic. The results the machine gives you are directly related to your level of effort.

The first thing you need to do for the machine to give you results is to cut down on carbs. Replace those carbs with lots of fruits and vegetables.  This will ensure that you are burning more carbs than you are putting in whenever you hit the rowing machine. Still on food, try to avoid alcohol as much as possible. It is high in carbs, and could it make it even much harder for you to burn belly fat.

Secondly, have a time table and stick to it. This will help you be net positive in the carbs you are burning every week. In a short while, you will start to see the results you want.