Choosing A Career Based On Helping Others

Are you a people person? Do you want to spend your life helping others and making a difference in the world? If that’s the case, it sounds like you need to look for a career where you can spend your day working with people to improve their lives and help them get back on track. There are plenty of careers like this out there for those individuals with a kind heart who have a passion for making a difference. So, where should we begin?

Well, that’s start by thinking of a career as a care giver. The main benefit of being a carer is that you won’t typically have a boss. Instead, you’ll be working for a large company, providing a service to those in need. But you’ll hardly ever meet or interact with the people above you in the business. Instead, your main focus will always be on the service that you are providing to your patients. The other benefit of this career is that you will be able to avoid the typical model of business. You won’t be heading to the office each day that’s for sure. Instead, you’ll be visiting patients in their home, often spending the day with them and making sure that they are well looked after.

But what do you need for this career? Well, you don’t need a qualification from a college that’s for sure. In fact, all you need is a little training  in social care. You certainly won’t need to know the complexities of the human body. Though, a little basic medical training could certainly be helpful and would probably make you a more attractive hire for care giver organizations.

You also need to have a considerable amount of patience. A lot of the patients who you’re working with may not be as tuned in as you might expect. For instance, a lot of patients are often over the age of seventy-five. Once you reach that stage, you can start to encounter problems like dementia. This can be emotionally taxing so you’ll have to be prepared for this if you want to be a care giver.

As for pay, you’re probably looking at a fairly basic pay grade. As such, it might be a position to choose if you are providing the secondary income in the family. So, perhaps we should look at a few other careers that often different and perhaps more desirable levels of pay.

Working As A Teacher

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If you are interested in helping children with more than just their health, you might want to consider becoming a teacher. As a teacher, you will be shaping the hearts and minds of the future generation and impacted who they will be, who they will grow into. Or, you could just be teaching them the basics of math and English. However, it is important for teachers to understand that their role expands beyond well, teaching. Teachers have to be there for their students and make sure that they have someone who they can talk to if they encounter any issues from problems with bullies to issues with other members of staff. The best teachers always have open door policies and will be willing to help any student in need.

Becoming a teaching is a matter of getting one qualification and then adding a year on.  You can also study for a teaching qualification online at places such as NavaED and other official centers.  Once you have a basic qualification in any subject, you can then teach most of the basic classes. Although, you might find that you’re more likely to get a position if you have advanced knowledge of a certain subject. For instance, it’s not uncommon for the best high schools to hire teachers that have PhDs in their chosen subject.

You might also find that you are a more popular hire if you have other skills as well as such basic health training. Accidents happen in schools, and it’s useful to know there are teachers with basic life support training including first aid. If you are interested in ensuring that you have this, you should look into BLS certification. This can be arranged online, and it will ensure that in an emergency you will be able to help save the life of a student.


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Of course, if we’re thinking about helping people medically perhaps you should pursue a career in medicine. There are plenty of options here from research to being a doctor to becoming a nurse. Each role has different traits, and they will be suitable for certain types of people. While in research you will be helping people by providing the knowledge needed to help save lives you won’t be interacting with people directly. As for doctors, while they certainly help their patients, they hardly ever spend time getting to know them. As such, if you are interesting in helping people in medicine there are plenty of careers available but only one gives you the chance to interact on a personal level, and that’s nursing.

Ninety percent of your day as a nurse will be spent with the patients, interacting and providing the support that they need. The other ten percent of time will be spent on paperwork and preparing treatment. The benefit of becoming a nurse is that you don’t need a complex college degree. All you need is a desire to help people and a year or two of training. You will still need to study and pass exams, but you won’t be at the point where you will be as a doctor. You won’t have to spend eight years getting ready for a career before you even get a chance to help others.


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If you are interested in helping people with mental health issues, you might want to consider working as a counselor. It is worth pointing out that counselors are typically not medically trained. For this reason, they can not offer any forms of medical treatment. What they can do is get people to talk about their issues and tackle them head on. For instance, one patient might have been through years of psychological abuse with their partner. The issue here is often a lack of confidence and unwillingness to accept there is even an issue. As a counselor, you can help them tackle their problems with support and find the confidence that they need to move on with their life. As such, counselors can be a vital lifeline for those suffering in highly stressful situations.

Or, you might be helping someone with OCD. While you can’t give them medicine to help with the issues, you can help them develop coping mechanisms. OCD is a condition that is often caused due to a traumatic experience. If you find the route of the issue, you should be able to help your patient find ways to deal with it without medical treatment.

Of course, if you do have a medical degree you can take things one step further and help people as a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists have medical training and therefore can give patients prescriptions or recommend other forms of medical treatment. As such, with a medical degree, it could be argued that you will be in a better position to help people, even if you are tackling mental issues.

Working In Intelligence

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If you’re looking for a job where you can help people and earn a fortune, you should consider becoming an intelligence office. What is the role of an intelligence officer? Well, they pinpoint, direct and uncover threats, making the world a safer place. This might involve tracing users online or looking at evidence of dangers in an urban environment. You might be fighting terrorism or dealing with an increase in the level of crime in an area.

An intelligence officer typically works with the government or military and advises them on how they can make places safer for people living there and earn salaries over 100k. Of course, the pay isn’t the only benefit here. If you want to help people you might want to change as many lives as possible. This gives you a great way of doing that. Rather than helping the individual, you’ll be changing the world for the better.

If you’re interested in a job like this where you’ll be helping people, you do need an advanced degree often in computing and geometrics. Geographical variables often dramatically affect how safe people are in a certain area or location.


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Or finally, how about joining a charity? There are charities for every cause in the world today from helping starving children to finding shelter for homeless people. If you want to join a charity as more than a volunteer, you’re going to need to make sure you know how to interact and connect with different people from various social standings. You should also aim to ensure that you have a degree in either business or marketing. Don’t forget, that charity campaigns must be promoted if they are going to be successful and inspire a lot of people to donate money or time to the cause.

If you love to help people and have a strong desire to make a difference in the world, we’re sure any one of these careers would suit you.


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