Choosing a Designer Sofa for Your Living Room

Choosing a new sofa for your living area can be tricky especially when you have a certain scheme or trend in mind.  I’ll be outlining some popular themes and how best to address them when it comes to furnishing your space so that you can work towards cohesion and really pull off that magazine look.  Introducing a designer sofa into your home could be that perfect piece that’s missing and it could really help to lift a design.  Investing in quality means your focal piece of furniture could potentially last you a lifetime so you need to make sure you go with a style that you are happy with.

Glamour and Luxe

Glamour and luxury has held fast in the trends this year and the heavy influence of mid-century designs and metals has helped this.  Think plush fabrics like velvet with leather piping and subtle brassy tones and if this appeals then some contemporary glamour could be for you.  Portuguese brand Munna, which you can find at The Longest Stay, have a fantastic range of designs that are covered in decadent, pastel fabrics that would work very well in a scheme like this.  Pair the Josephine sofa in grey with some pastel-colored throws and cushions and perhaps a splash of gold.  Highlight metals around the room through lighting and subtle tweaks.  For example, choose black lighting that has hints of brass or rose gold. Metallic candleholders and frames as well as other small decorative accessories are also a good way to bring the luxe feel in without going overboard.  These smaller things are easy things to change if you do decide to edit your look in time.

Chester One Sofa - Zinco

Nordic Minimalism

This popular trend shows no sign of going anywhere and it’s not very hard to see why.  With its beautiful, clean lines and tranquil color palette, this style exudes chic refinement.  It is wonderful in the way that it declutter your space and really cuts things back to natural materials and simple forms.  The trend has been described as cold but, if dealt with carefully, a Scandinavian-inspired space can be light, airy and extremely cozy all at the same time.  Choose a clean lined, grey sofa for your space if you want the super sleek look or go for a comfortable, soft white fabric sofa where you can sink into the cushions.  Both of these would fit perfectly into this sort of scheme but obviously are very different in overall look.  You can lean towards the more boho, shabby-chic end of Scandi by incorporating sheepskin and lots of natural wood or towards the style that is extremely paired back and refined.  The latter usually has a chic edge by incorporating highlights of metals like brass or copper to add that touch of luxury and formality.

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Contemporary Statement

If you go wild for bursts of color and bold prints or forms then filling your space with contemporary designer furniture is sure to be the style for you.  Italian brands like Moroso and Cappellini are famous for wonderfully creative silhouettes and unique designs.  Moroso’s Victoria and Albert sofa, designed by Ron Arad, is a fabulous example of contemporary flair and shapely form.  The curves and bright red colouring emphasize the bold flashes of creativity that really make the piece stand out.  This would work well in a contemporary space that has neutral walls and flooring but is daring when it comes to furniture choice. Accessorize with interesting materials that one wouldn’t traditionally find, acrylics for example, but keep the small bits to a minimum and instead focus on the large pieces like a stylish, luxury sofa and try to mix and match with shapes, colors and textures.  This is a style that is sure to be bold and colorful but also incredibly chic. Just make sure you keep an eye on that clutter to retain that feeling of refinement and elegance.