How to Create a Pinterest Worthy Office

A girl boss *needs* a girl boss worthy office. An inspiring work environment can do wonders for your productivity, motivation and efficiency. A drab, uninspiring office setup will do you no favours! Whether you work from home or spend your evenings and weekend’s blogging, writing or working on a part time business, an office makeover is always necessary! Pinterest is overflowing with stunning desk setups, and the great thing about this interior project is you don’t need a tonne of space to get creative and create a beautiful home workplace.

So how about a few ideas for inspiration for creating an on-trend, lust worthy office!

Think About Your Color Scheme

Before you begin delving into prints and pretty pencil pots, decide on your color scheme. You might want to opt for a minimalist black, white and grey theme or you may decide to opt for pretty pastels for a more feminine touch. Decide on your colors, and then you can begin developing your unique office look.

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Update Your Furniture

Choosing a desk can be a long, drawn-out decision with so many amazing contemporary styles readily available! Are you going for a Scandinavian look? Or will you opt for a fresher, cleaner vibe with a striking white desk? You also need to think about practicality too, whilst a minimal ‘barely-there’ desk can look the part, if you have lots of papers and files it might get messy quite quickly. Alternatively you could invest in a separate organizer unit, such as an office caddy or drawer units. IKEA has the best range of these, at affordable prices so be sure to mark an IKEA trip in your diary!

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Use the Wall Space

Don’t forget to get creative with your walls! If you’re struggling for storage space, industrial style wire storage racks and shelves are a must have to go above your desk. It allows you to store your notepads, books & the essential scented candle (obviously) without cluttering your desk space. Picture shelves are also a great addition, and look just great with a few fun, framed prints.

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Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize

It’s ALL about the accessories, and this is definitely the fun part. Invest in quirky prints and quotes from Etsy, there’s almost too much choice! Quality faux flowers are also a worthy investment, eliminating the need to update with fresh flowers every few days and always looking Instagram ready! Cute notepads, postcards, pen pots and candles are also worthy desk additions. Kate Spade is definitely the Queen of cute stationery, so be sure to check out their current range. Copper or gold accessories always look great on a desk and fit well within most color schemes. Pastel pinks are also fabulous, and pink is very much the color of the moment!

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Find the Perfect Chair

So your home office is looking more Instagrammable than ever, you’ve got a fancy new desk and a few extra storage accessories. Now it’s time to think about a new chair to complete the look! If you’re working with quite a small space a ghost style chair (just do a quick Google search) will help to enhance the area and minimize the feel of overcrowding! You’ll need to consider how much time is spent sitting at your desk, as you may find you need a chair that also offers a little more support for your back. However if you can’t resist that Pinterest worthy metal chair, a comfy cushion may just suffice!

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Hopefully these starter points will help you on your way to creating a girl-boss worthy office space to enjoy! It’s amazing just how much your environment can affect your mood and motivation, so head to Pinterest and begin gathering inspiration for your own dream study.


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