Dare 2 Compare – Why Your Paper Choice Matters

There was a time when you walked into the office supply store and picked up whatever paper was on sale.  That was a time when our awareness of environmental issues was pretty lacking.  And it also meant that you were rolling the dice as to the  quality of the paper, and how much grief it was going to cause in printer malfunctions and unsatisfactory print results.  Times have changed, and it’s time you dare to compare what you’re using now with some much better options.

Too often, we don’t give adequate consideration to competing products we commonly use.  Whether it’s simply from habit, or not knowing what’s available, in one way or another that’s counter-productive.  That’s why Boise Paper is conducting a #Dare2Compare campaign  to  challenge you dare to compare Boise ® ASPEN ® Recycled Copy papers to other recycled paper brands.  Here’s why your choice in paper does matter, and some of the benefits we’ve found in using the family of  Boise® ASPEN paper products.

Why Paper Choice Matters

Humans the world over have become conscious of the effect that we’re having on the planet.  Climate change.  Deforestation.  Ecological balances gone askew.

One of the most widely known environmental efforts in response to that new awareness is in recycling.  But like most everything, it’s possible to get too much of a good thing. How’s that possible, you ask?

The natural wood fibers that make up paper can only be recycled so many times, seven as it turns out.  So in order for recycling paper efforts to be successful, there must be an input of non-recycled paper to keep the wood fiber content at a usable level.  Who knew, right?  By using a mix of both recycled and non-recycled paper in your day-
to-day life, the cycle will continue as it should.

Of course, you have different paper quality and feature needs from day to day, too, depending on the type of print job you’re doing.

And all of that is why we think the Boise ASPEN is the best option for virtually all of your printing needs.  After all, it is America’s Top Selling Recycled Paper Brand, made right here in the USA.

Dare 2 Compare Boise Paper

The next time you order recycled paper, we invite you to pause and compare.  The full line of Boise Aspen includes

  • Boise® ASPEN® (30, 50 or 100% post-consumer fiber content) Multi-Use Recycled Copy paper
  • Boise® ASEPN® Premium Recycled Color Copy paper
  • Boise® ASPEN® Premium Recycled Laser paper

And you’ve got the following assurances to boost your confidence when you dare to compare Boise ASPEN paper products to other recycled paper brands:

  • 99.99% Jam-Free® Performance Guarantee (ASPEN Multi-Use Recycled Copy papers)
  • Performance certified by Buyers Laboratory Inc.
  • Laser guaranteed (ASPEN Premium Recycled Color Copy and Laser papers)
  • Green Seal Certified® as a GS-7 certified printing/writing paper
  • Exceptional brightness, run-ability and smoothness

But . . . Does it Perform?

We’re going to shout a big “YES” to that question.  We here at Ms Career Girl have been using Boise Paper products exclusively for two years now, and we’re pretty impressed with the quality and performance.  Gone are the frustrations of paper jams and ink bleeds to the back side of the paper.  The colors pop off the page, and printed pages look great and feel professional.

When you can get that kind of quality, and be doing your part to help the environment, is there any real choice?   When you take the #Dare2Compare challenge, we’re betting you, too, will become a Boise ASPEN fan!