Dating Advice: Getting Out of the Friend Zone

friend zone

How to get away from the friend zone is a common question many people in love with their best friends ask themselves. Friend zone is a psychological place in which you find yourself trapped when you feel something towards someone who considers you as a true friend, but might even cringe when you suggest something more.

You know you have been friend-zoned when the other person shows no signs of romantic affection towards you. Some of the symptoms include sending you the blue heart instead of the red one when texting, no smooth pick up lines during the conversation, continually setting meetings to 7 pm instead of 9 pm.

All that would be true for the friend zone assuming that it exists, while in fact, there is no such thing as a friend zone that meets the criteria of the above definition. It is not the other person who friend zones you. You do it yourself.

With this being said, it is time to create the correct definition of the friend zone. It is a psychological place in which you put yourself in when you behave like a friend with a person that you like because you don’t dare to act otherwise.

Luckily, if you are the one who puts yourself into the friend zone, you are responsible for getting out of it, and here is how to do it.

Flirt with Others

Being inaccessible makes you sexier and more attractive.

If you use some of the best dating apps ranked by Beyond Ages to flirt with other people when hanging out with your best friend, you will notice a sudden increase in the interest from their side.

If you are always giving too much attention to your best friend, you become unattractive. To spice up your platonic relationship and upgrade it to a romantic one, you should flirt with another woman or a man.

It will make your friend think of you in terms of a sexually attractive person, and it may even develop a feeling of slight jealousy. Don’t worry if that happens. It means you are on a great way to get out of the friend zone.


How would you act if you met an attractive someone in a bar? You probably wouldn’t let them friend zone you in the first place. You would flirt with them, give them compliments, maybe even ask them out.

It is too late to start a relationship with your friend from the very beginning again. However, it’s time you took it to the next level. Find the courage to act with your best friend as if you would do with a newly met girl or guy.

It may be uncomfortable at the beginning, but it is the only way of getting out of the friend zone. If you don’t find the guts to flirt with your best friend, things will forever stay the way. In a couple of years, you will find yourself admiring your friend’s wedding, still trapped in the infamous friend zone.

Let Them Go

Let entirely go of someone you want to be in a romantic relationship with, may sound like a piece of counterintuitive advice. Nevertheless, there is no better way of getting out of the friend zone than really letting go of it.

If you value your friendship too much to do it, be happy with the fact that you will forever stay only friends, and nothing more. If you want a romantic relationship, the other person has to know that they might lose you.

Understanding that you value someone more than you know when on the verge of losing them is an exciting phenomenon among humans. If your best friend never had feelings for you, you cannot make them love you. If they did, on the other hand, chances are they will come back to you, spilling it all out.


Getting in and getting out of the friend zone is entirely up to you. Treating your friend as a friend only will not get you closer to becoming their romantic partners. You have to find the courage to flirt with them and be ready to let them go, possibly.

At the same time, it is best to remember that you cannot make anyone want to be with you. Any relationship that is forced, and based on manipulation instead of true feelings will not last long.

Getting out of the friend zone is possible but it is not the only way to build a relationship. Maybe you should let your friends stay the way they are, and start thinking about someone else?