Decorate Your Apartment: A Plan for High Impact and Low Cost

The hubs and I live in a small cozy apartment that is 992 square feet.  While I will admit having less than one thousand square feet sounds small, I am amazed on a regular basis (especially when I am cleaning) how big the space feels.   We are lucky to have the space we do and I really want to focus on the positives of the space.  For example, the high ceilings and huge windows make the kitchen and living room  feel bright and open.

As you may recall from this post, I mentioned that I enjoy a theme when decorating my classroom or planning a party because I can go big on color and theme.  Similarly, I enjoy changing things around the house.  New pillows, candles, frames, throw blankets, etc are great fun to easily change.  I get a bit nervous, however, when it comes to changing or decorating the “bigger” things in my home ie. a new paint color, adding a new pattern, new couch, hanging frames, or moving furniture.  I like so many different looks, colors, textures, and furniture in magazines, stores, or on Pinterest.  I get overwhelmed and worry that I will commit and then want to change my mind.  I worry that something else will come along that I will like better… because here is a NEVER ENDING stream of ideas on my love/addiction Pinterest.  For example, some of these beauties:


That being said, I am an avid reader of DIY blogs and dream about having the nerve to try some of the things they do to make their homes so beautiful: tile, paint, decor, etc.  I am going to commit to trying some projects in our apartment to emphasize the great parts of our small space.

So, what’s on the agenda?

Here is the plan (in no particular order):

-decide on picture frame layout to offset sliding door’s non-centered placement

-select pictures for frames

-glass base lamp and neutral shade

-neutral, textured curtains

-black curtain rod (round ends)

-price out couches (?)

-stencil for an accent wall

-select color for stencil

-hang curtains (high and wide)

-investigate pillows

Ok home-fries, do you have a big or small space that you are trying to spice up?  What do you have on your home-fix agenda?

Katie Marotta Dawson

Katie Marotta Dawson is a wife, daughter, sister, teacher, Pinner, and now… blogger! Katie has grown to love being the new girl and has moved all over the U-S-of-A. After living in Nashville, TN for ten years, she recently moved to Geneva, IL with her southern sweetheart, Bobby. Katie and Bobby met in Nashville where Katie went to graduate school and taught first grade. Along with teaching, Katie enjoys any organizational project for home or classroom as well as attempting new recipes and DIY projects. Katie also has a deep love for children’s learning, development, and fashion. Katie is a firm believer in girl time, taking risks, trying new things, and following her heart.