Decorate Your Apartment: An Update on My PROGRESS 2

Happy July!

Any fun plans for the 4th of July?  My husband and I are traveling to Nashville to visit family and friends.

Before heading out for a mini-vacation, I wanted to update my update on our apartment transformation from house-to-home…

Here is my working list:

Finished already:

-decide on picture frame layout to offset sliding door’s non-centered placement

-glass base lamp and neutral shade

-neutral, textured curtains

-black curtain rod (round ends)

-hang curtains (high and wide)

Newly accomplished list:

-price out couches

A you can see my poor red couch was on its last leg… It would shed EVERYWHERE.  I had it in storage last year when I was living at home.  The conditions in the storage unit were not good to this poor babe.  SO, We were out to dinner on a Friday night and found a local sofa store that was having a floor sale.  My husband and I decided to check it out the next day.  He encouraged me not to be SO obvious if I loved a sofa.  He encouraged me to “keep my cool” and let him do the wheeling and dealing… HA!  So I fell hard for a sofa and gave my husband the crazy eye.  In my mind it was not obvious.  He and the owner haggled back and forth.  In the end we got the perfect couch for a GREAT deal!  It ticked all my boxes: neutral color, chaise lounger on one side, modern and clean lines.

How do you search/negotiate a large purchase? 

-investigate pillows  CHECK!  I love to visit home decor stores to play with pillows.  I finally hit the jack-pot of pillows the other day!  After mixing and matching pillows, I decided on the final two mixtures:

I finally decided on the warm tones.  My new couch is actually/fittingly named champagne!

How do you decide on pillows?  Do you buy and play with them at home or do you stage, mix, and match at the store?

-select pictures for frames I tackeled this one!  I decided to frame the response cards from our wedding invitiations.  I liked that I was able to re-use something I already had and pay homage to our wedding in Nashville.  Check it:

Still on the list:

-stencil for an accent wall

-select color for stencil

Katie Marotta Dawson

Katie Marotta Dawson is a wife, daughter, sister, teacher, Pinner, and now… blogger! Katie has grown to love being the new girl and has moved all over the U-S-of-A. After living in Nashville, TN for ten years, she recently moved to Geneva, IL with her southern sweetheart, Bobby. Katie and Bobby met in Nashville where Katie went to graduate school and taught first grade. Along with teaching, Katie enjoys any organizational project for home or classroom as well as attempting new recipes and DIY projects. Katie also has a deep love for children’s learning, development, and fashion. Katie is a firm believer in girl time, taking risks, trying new things, and following her heart.