Decorate Your Apartment: Quick Bathroom Face Lift (Part 1)

I admit it.  I am a bit of a nut when it comes to reading blogs about home updates… actually I am a nut about reading blogs, in general.  Seeing a home get an updated look or a coat of paint puts a bounce in my step.  Even though I enjoy watching others DIY, I am easily scared off by “big” jobs and bold colors.  As mentioned in this post, I have created a list of various things to do around MY house, to make it more of a home.  I am committed!  It is on the list!  I-Am-Doing-It!  I have decided to start small, in the bathroom.  I specifically wanted to add a bit of interest on the counter top, add a new shower curtain, and perhaps a pop of color (if I am feeling daring).

The current look of my bathroom is very Cape Cod, a nice mix of cream and blue.  The counter top is a pretty marble that looks a bit like sand, which also inspired me to do the beach look.  I want to make it up a bit… give it some “lipstick”.  So what did I do?!  Well, I had some empty candle jars around the house (thanks to Pinterest) as well as other vases.

I also had a TON of Aveda shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion from my husband’s recent business trip.  They smelled awesome but were cluttering up the counter space below the sink.

I took my jars and went to the bathroom to try some different looks.  After some time playing around, here is my “after”.

I love the updated look!  The little soap bottles, Q-tips, and cotton rounds are contained neatly.  I also brought in my silver ring holder so  I have a nice spot for my jewelry.  Next on the list: pick a pop-o-color and perhaps a new shower curtain.  STAY TUNED!

While this face lift was bathroom specific, there is no reason why you couldn’t do the same in other areas of your home, classroom, or office.

At home you can display a collection of items in class vases or jars in the kitchen.  I like to keep a mix of coffee pods next to my Keurig.

You can also keep pencils, pens, and desk supplies tidy and neat at work.

How have you freshened up your space lately?

Katie Marotta Dawson

Katie Marotta Dawson is a wife, daughter, sister, teacher, Pinner, and now… blogger! Katie has grown to love being the new girl and has moved all over the U-S-of-A. After living in Nashville, TN for ten years, she recently moved to Geneva, IL with her southern sweetheart, Bobby. Katie and Bobby met in Nashville where Katie went to graduate school and taught first grade. Along with teaching, Katie enjoys any organizational project for home or classroom as well as attempting new recipes and DIY projects. Katie also has a deep love for children’s learning, development, and fashion. Katie is a firm believer in girl time, taking risks, trying new things, and following her heart.