Making Direct Response Marketing Work for Your Business

Is your company well-equipped for direct response marketing? Unlike brand marketing that aims to raise people’s awareness of your brand, direct response marketing is more focused on encouraging people to buy and drive your sales up. The most common examples include encouraging people to sign up to your email list or to call a number on TV to buy a product; it’s all about making calls to action.

While completely different from branding, direct response marketing also takes some work before you can get good results from it. You have to focus on making your calls to action seem more relevant to your target market. Here are a few tips that can help you get a good start on direct response marketing.

 Invest in Direct Response Call Center Services

With an approach that relies on making one call to action after another, you’d need a team that will allow your company to respond to as many people as possible.

If your company relies heavily on infomercials and surveys, for example, you have to be prepared to handle a huge volume of incoming and outgoing calls. On top of that, you have to make sure you still have enough open lines so that people trying to make a purchase don’t get delayed and frustrated. Direct response call center services lets you harness the power of a well-trained staff and the latest technical tools necessary to handle all those calls.

The best part about this? By having a third-party service provider handle this aspect of your operations, you won’t be wasting money on extra phone sets, computers, and other hardware that you may end up not using later on. There will also be no need to renovate your business premises to make room for more staff and equipment when you need to scale up. Services like these are flexible and come in different packages, so you only have to pay for what you need.

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 Focus on People Looking for You

You can have your communication lines open to everyone, but if you want a high conversion rate you should know where to look. Reach out to people who are actively looking for your kind of products out there. Your calls to action will be more relevant, and they will be more likely to oblige and buy from you.

How do you know if the people you’re reaching out to are the people you’re after? Your service provider can help you in this regard. Call centers employ methods that allow them to find the most appropriate individuals to contact, and they have the tools and experience that can help you increase your chances of making successful conversions.

 Increase the Urgency and Clarity of Your Calls to Action

One of the best ways to increase your conversion rates is to add a sense of urgency to your offers. People don’t like missing out, and this is why stores always seem to be crowded with last-minute shoppers during sales. You can employ the same technique when it comes to selling your own products. But how can your company make this work?

Be more specific when it comes to offers. Exact numbers and being honest are more persuasive than vague statements. For example, you can make a limited offer that will “end soon,” but that doesn’t sound as urgent as saying exactly when the offer ends. Of course, you also have to be clear with your offers to avoid misunderstandings, which can make customers feel that they were lied to.


Some say that direct response marketing can be very difficult to pull off, but approaching it with the right mindset can make it a lot simpler than it initially looks. A keen eye on your target market and the right call center service provider will be your ticket to success in the long run.



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