Do You Need a CDN with Cloud Hosting?

CDN with hosting services

Cloud-based solutions are not a novelty at this point. Many businesses use cloud solutions for their websites because of numerous benefits. Sites become quicker, smoother, and more accessible, and customer satisfaction increases as a result. However, if you used to stand out among your competitors for using the quickest servers, everyone uses the same cloud solutions today. To remain competitive, you can consider hosting with CDN. Companies use CDN with hosting services in order to improve the performance of their sites.

What Is a CDN?

A CDN is an abbreviation that stands for Content Delivery Network. A number of servers all across the globe are included in this network to deliver data much faster. G-Core Labs is one of the leading providers that offer CDN solutions to improve your website performance. The way it works is the network collects data from your website and delivers it to website visitors using the servers located nearby. This way, sites load much faster and without delays.

The Benefits of Using CDN with Your Website

There is a reason people often choose to incorporate CDN. Here are some main benefits of this solution:

  • Consuming less bandwidth — if there is a lot of traffic on your web page, you might have issues with bandwidth. This can also mess with the accessibility of the site. With CDN, such bottlenecks are easily eliminated.
  • Efficient maintenance — the higher your bandwidth consumption, the more costs your maintenance will involve. Using CDN will lower your expenses greatly.
  • International coverage — the servers of a content delivery network are located everywhere in the world.

Reducing the loading time of your site alone will result in a lower bounce rate. This is a key to keeping more clients and attracting new ones.