Etiquette Tips For Women In Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a large part of the world of business.  Women in business are no exception.  It is important to understand the proper ways to communicate success when working through video conferencing.  Just like in the physical world of business, there are rules of etiquette.  

Technological advancements have made it much easier to communicate from afar while still maintaining a proper business setting.  Though it may be virtual communication, women still have the battle of presenting themselves as competent.  Take a moment to look over these helpful etiquette tips for women in business who work in close collaboration with video conferencing platforms.  

Pre-Conference setup

Check all of the functioning devices before ever beginning a conference.  Make sure the camera is correctly angled.  Check the microphone and speakers for full sound.  

It can also be very distracting to have random decorative items in the background, so make sure the scene is set to conduct professional business talks.  Keep the room well lit for the best camera resolution results.  

Punctuality and introduction

Failure to be on time is extremely disrespectful when video conferencing.  Be on time.  It is polite for each person involved in the conversation to formally introduce themselves one at a time.  

Speaking in turn

Speaking out of turn is unprofessional in any setting, and video conferencing is no different.  Speak with confidence and assertion, but avoid yelling at the screen.  Not only is it rude, but it looks silly.  

Avoid interrupting others while they are speaking.  To assure every concern is addressed, set up an instant messaging portal for live questions.  Speakers can then address concerns immediately without interruption.  

Maintain eye contact

Maintain eye contact with the camera while video conferencing.  Obviously, it would be weird to stare at the screen for an hour without blinking, so do not get too crazy with it.  Just avoid staring off into nowhere while others are speaking.  Wandering makes a person look disinterested and disrespectful.  

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Dress professionally

It may be that home is the setting for the video conference, but professional dress code should still be observed.  Dressing nice also portrays an attitude of confidence and security in oneself, which is important for women in business.  

Manage disruptive noise

Keep the background noise to a minimum during a conference call.  Mute the microphone when it is not the time to speak, so others do not hear the comings and goings of your environment.  The dog barking in the background can throw off the rhythm of a meeting very quickly.  

Do not eat during a video call

Yes, it is very rude to eat during a video conference.  Professionals prefer to handle business directly, without any carnal distractions.  Leave the snacking for lunch breaks.



Images via pixabay and flikr.