Evaluating Student Information Systems (SIS) in 2022

evaluating student information systems - Evaluating the Best Student Information Systems (SIS) in 2022

What is a Student Information System?

A student Information System (SIS) is a software or web-based platform that is used to carry out and manage the major activities of students in educational institutions to improve productivity. Some of these activities include course registration, transcripts generation, grading academic scores of students, generating bio-data forms, documenting them, etc. 

The SIS is also used in educational institutions to collect data from a variety of sources, to preserve them in one place, and this makes it easier to track the growth and performance of students in the educational institution. In this article, we would be evaluating student information systems, the factors to consider when evaluating student information systems, and highlight the best student information systems in 2022.

What are the factors to consider when evaluating student information systems?

There are various factors to consider when evaluating student information systems. They include the following:


The SIS should work for all its end-users, ranging from district administrators to teachers, parents, and students. They should all be able to use the system. It should have enough depth and variety of tools for technical professionals to locate what they need, but it should also be easy and intuitive enough for non-technical users to execute tasks and find what they need.

Academic features

The major users of SIS are students. Therefore, when evaluating student information systems, ensure it contains features that are useful to students and can assist them in achieving their academic goals. The academic features an SIS has is an important criterion in determining whether it is one of the best. Students often want to use an SIS to complete assignments and examinations, keep track of attendance, and examine their grades, thus the best alternatives must include all of these features.

Usability and user interface

When you are evaluating student information systems, ensure they contain features that teachers, students, and parents can easily use and navigate. The user interface should be built to work on any device, allowing users to use the program whenever and wherever they want, from running financial reports to taking attendance to check their children’s grades.

Financial features

Any excellent SIS must include the capacity to access and manage finances. A student’s life is usually filled with uncertainties and sometimes chaos, therefore, they require a tool that allows them to settle financial concerns swiftly and efficiently. This is vital to both students and educational institutions` administrators. The finest SIS should have features for finding and managing student financial information, as well as making online payments.

Reporting features

The best SIS will make it easy for schoolteachers or directors to report data. It should enable them to have access to their stored information and adequately prepare reports. This will help administrators minimize the stress of pulling together data for the school’s most important decisions when they have quick access to reports at their fingertips. Exportable reports are included in the best SIS, which administrators can submit for accreditation or utilize to set up online safety initiatives.

What are the best Student Information Systems for 2022?

There are various types of SIS used by educational institutions, some of them are:

Academia SIS

Academia SIS’s software provides for a high level of customization, and the company’s skilled technology education team works with clients to understand their specific goals and how the program can be customized to fulfill those needs.


Alma’s integrated Student Information System provides learning communities with a future-ready software platform that is poised to meet today’s issues as well as those of tomorrow. Alma is considered the best SIS, thanks to its attractive appearance and ease of use.


Gibbon is a school platform designed by teachers to address real-world issues that educators face daily. It can morph to meet the demands of a wide range of schools since it is free, open-source, and flexible.


InfiniteCampus is a Web-based K-12 SIS that provides real-time access to administration, education, communication, curriculum, reporting, and other features.


MyClassCampus is an all-in-one mobility-driven advanced ERP system designed to assist educational institutions in their digital transformation. Its one-of-a-kind Mobile App unites all of an institute’s stakeholders on a single platform. Lesson planning, Exam Scheduler, User directory, Fee & Finance administration, etc., are a few of its features.


Simple software that helps your school save time, increase enrollment, and achieve its goals. Its major features are reports, attendance tracking, and online assignments and tests.


In a market where solutions can be a bit clunky or difficult to use, Skyward presents a very streamlined software. This software also supports online assignments and tests, which is essential for distance or online learning.