Everything I Know About Job Searching, I Learned From Star Wars

By, Patricia Brehm

Here at Ms. Career Girl, a variety of topics are covered: education, career searches, and automobile insurance. But what happens when you’ve spent time applying for those jobs- the ones where you’re tailor made for the position- and then…boom! Your  hopes are blown-up like the Death Star when you receive the “It’s not you, it’s the needs of our company” email. How do you stay positive after what seems like thousands of rejection letters or a missed opportunity? Here’s my advice ala Star Wars metaphors:

Find Yourself An Obi-Wan Kenobi (aka a job mentor)

The best thing I did for myself was find an amazing woman with a human resources background who helped me stay motivated. She is literally my Jedi Master when I need advice on work situations or when I didn’t understand how to market myself to fit the needs of the employer. Where did I find her? Well, I found her through CareerPlace which for those of you out in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, is right in Barrington. If you’re still searching for a mentor, ask your college career center or look for membership in a professional organization. I am a member of Chicago Women in Publishing and my experience through the large as well as small networking events has been tremendous in teaching me what I am capable of accomplishing in my own career.

Great Things Can Be Found on Small Planets (or small businesses)

If you’re at all familiar with the Star Wars franchise, you know that the hero who is destined to save the universe will come from a small planet. While your shooting out resumes at warp speed to major companies, be sure to take a look at small businesses. You might find that a small business offers you a great opportunity to grow, a chance to take on more responsibility at a quicker pace, and you might be the candidate they’re looking for.

Sometimes You End Up Being Cryogenically Frozen (so you get help from friends)

It’s not easy staying positive when your resume is in the midst of the digital abyss, you can get frustrated, angry and trapped in your own worries. Much like Han Solo in the trilogy, you get stuck by a massive roadblock. Instead of Jabba the Hut, you can get trapped by the anxiety and frustration that a job hunt can bring. This is where a solid support system comes in. You’ll need a Luke, Leia, or R2D2 to help pull you out. Simple things like taking a break from the search or hanging out with your good friends pulls you away from the worries and can keep you motivated in flying the Job Search Millenium Falcon.

These are three easy ways that have helped me to stay focused in my career quest, but I want to also hear what helps you?

Patricia Brehm

Patricia Brehm works as an associate editor for two trade publications. Her past career experiences have included working as a marketing associate, social media guru, and copywriter for a series of small businesses as well as an editorial and marketing intern.