What to Expect When You See a Solicitor About a Workplace Injury for The First Time

If you have experienced an incident at your workplace that has left you with an injury or health problem, then it is usually worth investigating whether or not you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Some people worry about coming forward when they are in this situation because they believe it may lead to further negative consequences in their jobs, however it is very important that people do make claims where they are entitled to, because this not only makes sure they are not left in a bad situation because of something they couldn’t control, but also that the company is able to take steps to ensure that a similar incident doesn’t affect anybody else who works there.

If you think you have a potential compensation claim, the first step is to talk to a solicitor like this Plymouth law firm. You should be able to book a free consultation with a good injury lawyer like Roper James by phone or online to discuss the viability of your case, and what the next steps should be if the solicitor is willing to take on your claim.


What Should You Have with You When You Go for Your Consultation?


When you have arranged to meet with a personal injury solicitor to discuss the specifics of your injury, you should bring with you any supporting information you have, particularly if you have already filed an injury report with your manager, and if you have seen a doctor. You should also bring notes explaining the date and time of your incident, who witnessed it, what happened immediately after the accident (for example, did you keep on working, go to A&E, go home early, take time off sick, etc), and which managers are already aware of it.

You should also be prepared to answer questions about your work situation, for instance how long you have been with the company, and whether you are a permanent employee, or were there as a consultant, temporary staff member or third party. This will all help your solicitors company to better understand your situation. You should also be able to talk about any pre-existing medical conditions that would be listed on your medical records which may be relevant to the symptoms you have been experiencing since the incident.


What Will the Consultation Be Like?


Whether you talk to several law firms to decide who you want to be representing your case, or you have one you already want to use due to a personal recommendation or their local reputation, the initial free consultation is where you get to meet some of the people who would be working with your case, and where they can establish how much further investigation they need to do to see if your case ‘has legs’.

The consultation then, will be a fairly informal discussion where they will explain the process further, and get the details about what has happened. They are likely to make notes, and depending on the details you are able to give, will either be able to make an assessment of whether or not the case is strong enough to pursue, or will decide to make their own preliminary investigation. If you are seeking out compensation on a no win, no fee basis, which is something offered by many lawyers in the personal injury sector of law, then this investigation will be at no charge to yourself. The situation in terms of costs may vary if you are not using a no, win, no fee option.


What Are Some Possible Next Steps?


Every case is different, and the process can vary dramatically in terms of how long it can take for a ruling and any compensation to be granted. Equally, the steps you will have to take to provide evidence will vary according to your circumstances and medical prognosis. You will probably be expected to undergo some further medical examinations, however, and this is something your lawyer will be able to advise you on. They will also give you advice about how to handle things at work while your case is ongoing, if you have returned to work or plan to. Who you discuss the case with can be a sensitive legal matter where your employer and management are concerned, so make sure you follow any instructions your solicitor gives about this.

Of course, it is possible that your consultation will result in the solicitor thinking you do not have grounds for a case. If this happens and you are satisfied with this answer, then you haven’t lost anything by speaking to them. However, if you don’t agree, then the next step for you would be to speak to other reputable lawyers in your area for a second opinion.